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Sunday, November 6, 2011

Saying goodbye to Club Botticelli w Romancing Recee

This month is pretty big for me. I have three releases including my first self-pub, Slippery When Wet, the second book in my paranormal series, Poseidon's Fortune. But that's not what this blog is about. With the release tomorrow of Romancing Recee I'll be saying goodbye to my Club B ladies. It's a sad yet thrilling time for me. I've had a blast with each of my girls, Olivia, Emma, Briley, Trinity & Recee. I sincerely hope you've enjoyed their journey with me. So to ensure my girls go out with a bang I'm giving away a BIG Club B basket. What do you have to do to enter? Simply send your receipt to & you'll be entered to win an Amazon giftcard, t-shirts, coffee mug, shiny sippy cup & more.

Recee is the baddest, meanest & most clinically insane of all her friends. She's given her heart to only four people, her friends and she has no intention of trusting a faithless man. When Brock shows up in her life, Recee makes sure the big, bad ex-solider knows she doesn't need him or his protection.
Brock's never met a more intense, beautiful, stubborn, medication needing female. When he steps in to save Recee from potential danger he never expects the crazy woman to turn on him.
It's a case of rock meeting hard place & who will ultimately win in the end. Because Brock's not about to give up until he's finished Romancing Recee