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Sunday, September 18, 2011

Body Farm Donations?

Yes, I'm watching too much History Channel on TV. However just because I'm watching it doesn't mean it's not a good question. Ughhh, I've got a weak stomach anyway & this is making me green.

1st why do people donate their bodies to the Body Farm in TN? I'm not trashing it. I'm honestly curious. I understand giving your corpse to science for study and to learn about different diseases. What confuses the hell out me is why people give their body to a place that will leave it out in the woods to watch bugs and other creepies eat it. Maybe I'm just really selfish? It's not like I'll have a clue what's happening to my sparkly corpse after death.

2nd Now their talking about hospital toxic waste. This company picks up the red garbage cans with all the warning & dangers signs on it. Did not know this, but at hospitals this red box contains everything from legs & arms, fat from liposuction to after birth and organs. This disposal company refuses to take heads or torsos for moral reasons. Huh? Explain please. And is there a company out there dealing with only heads & torsos? If so what do they do with them?

For some reason tossing a leg or arm seems callous to me. Shouldn't you bury it or at least say a proper goodbye? Not trying to be funny, but seriously what's Emily Post say about this in her Good Manners book?

There are so many things I didn't want to know that I now do. I need to turn the TV off and go back to my cave. Before I do here's another horrifying thought branded in my brain. I'm giving it to you so we can share the pain :)

The #1 activity for solo drivers in their cars is picking the nose. Yep, think about that next time you meet a business appt as he/she steps out of the car and holds their hand out to shake. AUGHHH, I'm off to drown in my strawberry/lemonade antibacterial lotion.