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Sunday, September 18, 2011

Body Farm Donations?

Yes, I'm watching too much History Channel on TV. However just because I'm watching it doesn't mean it's not a good question. Ughhh, I've got a weak stomach anyway & this is making me green.

1st why do people donate their bodies to the Body Farm in TN? I'm not trashing it. I'm honestly curious. I understand giving your corpse to science for study and to learn about different diseases. What confuses the hell out me is why people give their body to a place that will leave it out in the woods to watch bugs and other creepies eat it. Maybe I'm just really selfish? It's not like I'll have a clue what's happening to my sparkly corpse after death.

2nd Now their talking about hospital toxic waste. This company picks up the red garbage cans with all the warning & dangers signs on it. Did not know this, but at hospitals this red box contains everything from legs & arms, fat from liposuction to after birth and organs. This disposal company refuses to take heads or torsos for moral reasons. Huh? Explain please. And is there a company out there dealing with only heads & torsos? If so what do they do with them?

For some reason tossing a leg or arm seems callous to me. Shouldn't you bury it or at least say a proper goodbye? Not trying to be funny, but seriously what's Emily Post say about this in her Good Manners book?

There are so many things I didn't want to know that I now do. I need to turn the TV off and go back to my cave. Before I do here's another horrifying thought branded in my brain. I'm giving it to you so we can share the pain :)

The #1 activity for solo drivers in their cars is picking the nose. Yep, think about that next time you meet a business appt as he/she steps out of the car and holds their hand out to shake. AUGHHH, I'm off to drown in my strawberry/lemonade antibacterial lotion.




  1. Ahahaha! Thanks for the gruesome images. Lol I would think the answer to the first question would be similar to donating your body to science. Maybe the more we learn the better we get at forensics.

    The second question....grosses....I always wondered what they put in those. Belch. Now I know. Lol

    And yeah...I'd read that about people driving. *makes mental note to put hand sanitized in purse.*

    Very interesting post. Gross, but interesting. Now I'm thinking about body parts. Lol

  2. What can I say, Joanne? I like to share the freaky things stuck in my head so I'm not left alone to suffer :)

  3. Too funny. I know, it's not really funny, but in a way it is. I agree, I'm not sure I want to donate my body so it's allowed to decay in the woods. Is it the woods? According to "The Blindside" they bury the bodies under the stadium turf in TN.

    I also find it hard to believe that the No. 1 activity of solo drivers is picking the nose. Sure, I'm not saying I never do it, but I don't do it every time I'm in the car alone. The one thing I do every time I'm in the car is listen to the radio, adjust the radio, either volume or station and I listen to the radio when I'm alone more than when I'm not.

    Anna Kathryn Lanier

  4. GROSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!! But I love it (but not the nose thing- blech). Am I demented? Maybe, possibly- pok, probably. I watch Dr. G on cable. I admit it dead intrigues me. Why do you think I watch NCIS and CSINY? Dead bodies and hot CSIs! Still, do I want my body tossed in a forest or under a stadium? It's a body, I'm not in it by that time. Who cares? Right? If it will help someone solve a one hundred year old death...I'm game for my 15 minutes of fame in ghost form (like ghost writer, not the paranormal kind).

    Just don't tell me that's what you'll do with it BEFORE I vacate the premises, please.