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Sunday, March 11, 2012

It's all about the buzzzzz

If you haven't heard about it then you need to take a break from whatever rock you've been hiding under & listen up. E.L. James Fifty Shades of Grey is the latest "It" book. A take off from the Twilight fan fiction except in adult terms...very adult terms. Readers around the world are gasping and panting over something new and wicked called Dom/sub or BDSM. It's a very naughty thing in the PTA minded mom's world. Their sharing it with neighbors over coffee, at book club meetings and in on-line post. This whole bondage and submission thing is really rocking the literary world.

But wait, hold on, what's that??? Oh yeah, erotic romance writers have been doing this for years and doing it better. No insult intended to Ms. James, but read Fifty Shades then read anything by Desiree Holt or Joey Hill and tell me if they compare. Hell I'll even toss my few books into the pile against her for accuracy, heat and romance. There's more to a book (at least there better be) than rough sex and issuing orders. For me at least there's better be a happily ever after or else I'm done.

Granted I know Ms. James isn't trying to post herself as the world foremost BDSM writer, but still... The terms used in her book are vague at best and puritanical at worst.

All that being said I am still thrilled about Fifty Shades of Grey being thrust into the public eye. Any awareness of the erotica genre is great to me. I just wonder what some of those suburban mom would say after reading some of my books or my friend's books? Would we be labeled heretics? Sadistic? Freaks? Flawed? Or just women with healthy imaginations and a talent for creating characters?

Speak now, people! Have you read the latest "It" book? Opinions. Thoughts. Reviews. Comparisons. I wanna know cause I'm nosy that way & Desiree Holt is driving me crazy on this topic.

Tell ya what leave a comment & Desiree & I will pick a winner to win a book from both of us :)