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Sunday, March 11, 2012

It's all about the buzzzzz

If you haven't heard about it then you need to take a break from whatever rock you've been hiding under & listen up. E.L. James Fifty Shades of Grey is the latest "It" book. A take off from the Twilight fan fiction except in adult terms...very adult terms. Readers around the world are gasping and panting over something new and wicked called Dom/sub or BDSM. It's a very naughty thing in the PTA minded mom's world. Their sharing it with neighbors over coffee, at book club meetings and in on-line post. This whole bondage and submission thing is really rocking the literary world.

But wait, hold on, what's that??? Oh yeah, erotic romance writers have been doing this for years and doing it better. No insult intended to Ms. James, but read Fifty Shades then read anything by Desiree Holt or Joey Hill and tell me if they compare. Hell I'll even toss my few books into the pile against her for accuracy, heat and romance. There's more to a book (at least there better be) than rough sex and issuing orders. For me at least there's better be a happily ever after or else I'm done.

Granted I know Ms. James isn't trying to post herself as the world foremost BDSM writer, but still... The terms used in her book are vague at best and puritanical at worst.

All that being said I am still thrilled about Fifty Shades of Grey being thrust into the public eye. Any awareness of the erotica genre is great to me. I just wonder what some of those suburban mom would say after reading some of my books or my friend's books? Would we be labeled heretics? Sadistic? Freaks? Flawed? Or just women with healthy imaginations and a talent for creating characters?

Speak now, people! Have you read the latest "It" book? Opinions. Thoughts. Reviews. Comparisons. I wanna know cause I'm nosy that way & Desiree Holt is driving me crazy on this topic.

Tell ya what leave a comment & Desiree & I will pick a winner to win a book from both of us :)


  1. I cannot wait to read this book and see what the hype is about. But i am glad it is bringing erotic out in the open.

  2. Hmmm, guess there is such a thing as vanilla BDSM.

    1. Dalton, I don't think this even qualifies as Vanilla BDSM. It's more like playtime at the Mickey Mouse Club.

  3. I haven't read the book series yet either but I am interested to see what the buzz is all about. But vanilla and BDSM isn't that a contradiction of terms? For so long erotica was something was read behind closed doors and no one admitted ever reading. Now whole groups are talking about them.


  4. I'm thrilled that anything erotic is hitting the mainstream...although from the description, FIFTY SHADES OF GREY doesn't sound authentically erotic.

    But can I nit-pick? Desiree Holt and Joey W. Hill write erotic romance, not erotica. There's a huge difference between the two types of fiction. Erotic romance is a subset of the romance genre (a very large subset that is becoming more generalized and mainstreamed within the genre every day), while erotica is a specialized fiction written for a different purpose for a different audience, and published in completely different markets to erotic romance.



  5. Allie, a few friends have read it and....well, I think I'll stick to the authors I trust with this genre and whom I know do it well.

    However, I am also thrilled that the genre is being peeked at by the 'lit fic' set and they are enjoying it. Makes me hopefully that we'll reach a whole new audience of curiosity seekers and fans. I was really annoyed when Dr. Drew said the book was potentially harmful and portrayed violence against women in a positive light. He's a DOCTOR and should know better!! Not to mention, he's been doing Love Line for 20yrs and can't be naive about this stuff.

  6. I have the books but haven't read them yet. I'm almost sorry I got them the more I hear. For me the hotter the better. Maybe the reason it's so hot right now is that it's safer for people to admit they read that than real erotica. If it brings more readers to other genres, guess that's a good thing though.

  7. I don't have them and I don't think that I will ever read them. I love BDSM stories but from the reviews that I have read, this is not BDSM. There is alot of SM in it and I don't like SM. The hero is supposed to be all kinds of f'ed up and while I like my heros flawed and have some kind of redemption/saving in the end...I don't think that I will wait 3 books to find out.

    I'm glad that erotica and erotic romance is out in the open now but unfortunately, with these books, it might get a bad rap and the genre doesn't need that.


  8. Hello Allie & Desiree,

    Now you really have me intrigued to read "Fifty Shades of Gray" by E.L. James. I have an extremely open mind when it comes to reading. I just Love Erotic Fiction across so many sub-genres, especially paranormal erotic romance & it's just icing on the cake if there's some ManLove goin' on. ;) Whether it be M/F, M/M, F/F, Menage, M/M/M, M/M/F, M/M/F/M/M....ohhh the combinations are endless. LOL I like to use a lot of M's, I'm sure you guessed that. LOL
    I know, this doesn't float everyones boat, but it sure does mine.....hmmmm have to make sure my boat doesn't get to wet. Yesssss, I'm very Naughty!
    I like the men in my books to be Hot, Alpha Males; Dominant Take Charge, Well-Muscled Men that know just what their woman, or man, needs. ;)
    With this being said, I'm all up for reading a new Author & new book in Erotic Fiction, bring it on! LOL
    I would very much appreciate if I could be considered for You & Desiree's giveaway. Thank You.
    Wishing You Both the Best of Health & Stay Naughty ;)
    PaParanoramalFan (Renee')

  9. Well I haven't heard of the newest "it" book until just now. I have read Desiree Holt and Joey Hill and love them. I am usually not one to follow the pack and if it is compared to Twilight that isn't really an incentive to me but I guess I will have to give it a look at least.
    You ladies keep sharing your wonderful talents and I will keep reading. Have a great day!
    Patti P
    musicalfrog at

  10. I have not even heard of FIFTY SHADES OF GREY. So not so "IT" I think, because I'm a book blog reader & I should have heard of it.


  11. I have not read them, don't plan too. I think I will stick with my favorite, tried and true authors like you and Desiree. I think it's sad that she's getting so much attention for her books, but you guys have been writing them better and for much longer and get not even 1/2 the attention. Like I said, I will stick with what I know and love! Thanks for all the great work you and Desiree put out. I love your books!

  12. I haven't read shades yet, but the fact that my mom asked me about it (because it was featured on her favorite television show, the Today Show) definitely says something. I hope it brings BDSM to a place where its not considered devious or only the practices of sex fiends, but that might be expecting a lot from a book. Either way I think its a good step for us, even if I have to talk to my mom about submission.

  13. Wow, I love everyone's opinions. Yes, I too hope these books bring erotic romance to more readers without whatever stigma people might think is involved. Yeah, I'll be honest the attention would be nice, but neither Desiree or myself write for the media. We write for ourselves & our awesome readers :)

    Yep, we picked our winners & sent the emails out.
    Thanks everyone for chiming in with your opinions. Until next time!!


  14. I was checking into the site to see if there was any news on book #3 in the Posideon Brothers series when I read this post. The "Fifty Shades" series was brought to my radar on the Today Show also. I found Dr. Drew's comments very intriguing especially the parts where he said it was a bodice ripper and some people could only be aroused by abusive sex. The two statements just didn't jive with me so I thought bodice ripper eh... I have some and BDSM too, let just see. Long story shorter... I loved the series. Dr. Drew is wrong. It's not a bodice ripper by any means, and obviously he did't read very far in the book, let alone the other two to ground his comment on abusive sex being the turn on here. Plus, I'm really sick of the media comparing every thing to Twilight. The only thing this series has in common with the other is an age old character dynamic formula that has worked for countless authors well before Meyers and James every had a story in their heads. But to give praise where it's do, the series is great. James has delivered a well thought out story. The "Fifty Shades" theme is carried through are three books where others start a theme and let it die. The sex is hot but it's psychological character. And yes in these books BDSM can be vanilla (read the books to get this statement.)The characters are each strong and remain that way through the series, while growing together to deal with some really big scars, have humor, learn compromise and that love is deserved. To end, these books get gold stars from me. And Allie...when's the next book coming out? I having withdrawls!