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Friday, February 24, 2012

It's My Birthday!!!

Most authors say things like "It's my birthday, but YOU'RE getting the presents." HA, damn it, I want all the shiny goodness for myself. I take electronic gift cards, cars, small private planes cause seriously what the heck am I going to do with a 747? Umm, let's see what else is on the royal bday list? Jewels, of course, bags of Duncan Donut Mocha Mint coffee. I found this bean of the gods during Christmas & bought every bag I could find. LOVE IT!! What else do royal princess's ask for...A sailing yacht would be nice. SOmething small an intimate so I could take my loyal royal ladies out for a vacay. Also a medium size island off the coast would be nice. Of course I'd expect a palace to already be in place complete with guards quarters, dungeons, a state of the art clinic for Cass, our Lady of Snips and Licks. Yes, I think an island would be perfect for my royal shiny self & all the Royal House of Bitches. Go make it happen :)

Moving back to reality...I'm safely tucked away at Casa Holt, watching the wind blow & the temperature drop. LOVE cold weather so why the heck do I live in Texas? Yeah, I don't have a clue either. What am I working on? What have I been doing? And why the hell have I been ignoring my poor neglected blog all this time? Well, the truth is I don't blog unless I feel I have something interesting to say or share. Besides I knew everyone was dying to rush out and buy me an island. How could I refuse :)

My latest project is a leprechaun story for Erotic Escapes, a contemporary for the Skin Deep Series, and a fun full length titled Wishes, Kisses & Corpses. I flip from one to another depending on what the voices are telling me. And no if they tell me to start fires, hurt kittens or explode things (outside the kitchen) I won't listen.

Tonight I'll celebrate with my friends, wine & hopefully a really big cake. I'll be thinking of you all and smirking cause I don't have to share my cake :) However in the interest of trying to be a semi-decent person I'll be nice and give away any book on my backlist. Leave a comment & you're entered. I'll even let the way too honest & goodie goodie Desiree Holt pick the winner. See I can be nice!

Have a great day & weekend everyone. Be sure to let me know when you've got the island ready for us to move in.

Kudos & IT'S MY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!



  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY ALLIE! I love all the pink sparklies and cakes. I hope you get that island.

  2. Let me be one of the first on this blog to wish you happy birthday

  3. What else is there to say except I hope you have a bedazzled, sparkling, gleeful, creme brulee' amazing birthday! Love you and miss you.


  4. Happy birthday, Allie!

    Feel free to use my loop as your personal promo land tonight if you'd like. Sherry and I totally blew FAF. Who knew the 24th was the last Friday in February? Not us!

    Anyway, I'll give you a little birthday gift of a song. No, it's not the usually Happy Birthday song. Anyone can do that. Here's cute little ditty sung in a Scottish accent.

    1. This is why you're my favorite, Ash! Oh yummy!!

  5. Happy Birthday!!!! Enjoy, and do everything I would do. Knowing you, a few things I wouldn't do, too - and yeah, I mean that in the best way!

  6. Happy Birthday Princess Allie!! May all your diabolical wishes come true. Have a great weekend :)

  7. Happy Birthday Princess Allie! I love all the goodies displayed for your birthday. Hope you have a FANTASTIC day.


  8. Happy birthday! Hope your day is wonderful and filled with lots of goodies.

  9. You're 29 too? Cool! I just turned twentynine-twelve, so CHEERS!

    Hope your day was fab-u-lous!

  10. Have a wonderful birthday! I just turned 29 (again) too! :)
    Oh, an island sounds like a very cool present. I'm putting that on my wish list for next year!

  11. Happy Birthday, it sounds like you're taking real good care of your needs. How wonderful and I hope your new year is crammed packed filled with Miracles too :)

    Jean Maurie

  12. Happy belated Birthday...your evening sounds fabulous.
    Hope the island becomes a reality...
    Hugs xx

  13. As a daughter of boy's, I really miss pink birthday parties, sigh. Wishing you the bestest birthday weekend ever, Allie. May you be treated like the true princess you are, and may all your birthday wishes come true.

    caity_mack at yahoo dot com

  14. Happy Birthday Allie! I'm a Pisces baby too. I wish you all the happiness and gifts you desire. Have a great time at Casa Holt and cheers to you and all the ladies!! Have a great day and a wonderful year!

  15. Happy birthday girl!! Hope all your wishes come true!!!

  16. Allie - ur a hoot! My b-day's coming up, too, and I realize I'm not b-day dreaming BIG enough! U made Dunkin' Donuts seem so much more regal spelling it Duncan!!!
    Urs is one of the prettiest blog sites I've ever seen. Happy Birthday, Allie! Happy writing...

  17. ROFL! Allie, happy, HAPPY birthday!! Hope it's been a fabulous one, with lots of cake and tiaras, and may the coming year be full of all kinds of super marvelous good stuff!

  18. Happy birthday, Princess Allie! :) Good luck with your WsIP and in the meantime, all the pink sparkly things coming your way. *tosses glitter* :) *hugs*

  19. Thank you everyone for the thoughtful, sweet & smartass comments. Since I'm royality my birhtday last the entire visit to Casa Holt. So you may continue to send tiaras, planes and guards.

    And now the real reason you're reading this is for the winner....Word Actress!! Congrats!!!