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Sunday, May 30, 2010

Blogging on the holiday

My family and circle of friends celebrated Memorial day today. We had former FBI, Airforce, Army and of course Marines. These men now work in various fields all over the world, some are even retired. But they never stop being warriors that served our country and paved the way for my freedom.

So this week's blog is nothing more than a simple thank you to all those past, present and future who are willing to shed their blood and give their lives so that I may enjoy the basic freedom's of life.

Thank you, Ladies and Gentlemen of the U.S. military. You have my undying and eternal gratitude.

God Bless America and the men and women who defend her.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Techno Slut

Hello my name is Allie and I am a gadget groupie. I love buttons, whistles and all things shiny. I own Ipods, Blu-Ray, Wii, Xm radio, GPS, digital cameras, laptop and everything else I can get my hands on. My next wish list item is the Ipad. Oh yummy and yay. I can't wait to get my fashionably manicured hands on that one. I watch movies on my Ipod touch right now and yes the screen is kind of small, so bigger is better. I guess I'm turning into an Apple whore. It started innocently enough with my first Ipod, the the Ipod touch. I moved into the big league with my MacBook Pro. Now I hear the siren's lure of the Ipad calling my name. Along with a list of accessories to buy as well. Nothing is the land of Apple is cheap, but at least the products are made to last unlike some other high tech items I could name.

For those of you not in the know, I'm finally back in Texas after an extended (almost six weeks) time away. Whew, I love to travel, but I hate packing. Of course I hate unpacking too. Guess there's no pleasing me :) It's good to be back, but I sure as heck didn't miss the humidity. It's like stepping into a pot of gumbo just walking out the backdoor. Getting into the pool doesn't help either. The water's so warm you might as well be taking a bath, all that's missing is a rubber duck and loofah sponge.

I was lucky enough to spend a few days with good friends Delilah Devlin and Shayla Kersten. BTW, I can be bribed to share their personal information :) We laughed, ate and drank plenty of bottled water from Mountain Valley Spring Water. This water is bottled straight at the source which is very important if you're water. The rest of the impostors are transported with tanker trucks to their bottling locations. Yep, I didn't know that much about water until I talked with Shayla. Now I know the difference  between good water and good water gone bad.

I had a lovely visit, slept in an amazing bed and didn't wake up scratching. Love at first snore. I'm planning a trip back up there so I can take in the hot springs and other natural beauty of the area. Plus, it doesn't hurt to have good friends to spend time with.

I'm staying put for the month of June. Whew! My butt is dragging and I owe editors completed books. Editors are scary people if you try and miss a deadline, something I make sure to never, ever do.

Speaking of deadline I've got three looming over me. I need to get busy, but can't seem to get into the writing rhythm again. Maybe I'm still tired from traveling all over the southeast part of the country? Then again it doesn't matter one way or another, deadline is deadline and I need to get busy.

Did I mention I sold another story to Ellora's Cave? It's called After The Music and I'll let you know release dates and all that when I do.

I'm walking away from the computer for a while. Maybe get my writing mojo back until then take it easy and stay cool.


Sunday, May 16, 2010

Roses Colored Glasses Newsletter is OUT and other things.

For those of you not in the know, I belong to Roses COlored Glasses a writers helping writers sort of loop. They do everything and can answer just about any question you have. Best of all joining their loop is free. Best selling authors Deliah Devlin, Elle James, Desiree Holt and Shayla Kersten are just a few of the names you'll find there. These women are really amazing and eager to help new writers find their foot in the new world of romance writing.

As for my personal life...I'm moving on again. Not a day too soon for me. My bed literally had bed bugs YUCK!! I still can't get the smell of smoke out of my clothes and other things. On the plus side my mini Keurig makes great coffee. I think I'm addicted to Green Mountain Coffee brand Island Coconut. Yummy stuff. Of course I think anything with caffeine is awesome :) I dread the day someone comes up with a twelve step program for people like me.

Latest news: Desiree Holt and I sold the third book in our Turn Up The Heat series, Singed. Picture me doing the happy dance while driving on TN 24W. Yep, I needed that good news. Then when I got back to the bedbug infestation ie my hotel I found another e-mail from my adorable, witty and most brilliant editor at EC telling me my second book in Erotic Escapes, Pleasure Me In Petra, has sold as well. Talk about making a bad day great. This time I fully did the Snoopy dance in my room. I think a few of the bedbugs started a conga line in celebration. A wild night was had by all, I think I even passed my nine thirty bedtime. It's a wild life I lead here in the middle of nowhere with invicible biting bugs as my only company. Can you blame me for wanting to spend time with semi-normal semi-sane people like my friends? At least they won't bite me without warning.

It's raining again here. My lovely pink and white rubber boots are making a statement. I really don't notice the snickers and muffled laughter as I pass by. Besides I like to think the men are jealous and the women just envying my style :) Yeah, I delude myself a lot. It keeps me entertained and out of jail.

I think that's it for this week. I need to Febreeze the room again then start packing a few things up. Anyone know what laundry room manners are? Do you wait for the clothes? Do you offer to share soap? Can you leave your things there? Do you have to talk with fellow washers? Most important, can you beg friends to allow you use of their machines while you visit their home? Yep, I think I'm taking the last option. I don't play well with others when it comes to clothes and money.

Hope everyone has a wonderful week, stay safe, stay happy and most of all stray a little from sanity.


Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Bed Hopping

The past two months or so have kept me busy with travel and writing. I haven't managed to sleep in the same bed for more than two nights in a row. I miss my bed. Normally I'd miss my coffee pot, but I brought it with me. Yep, I'm that addicted, but that's a whole 'nother blog.
This week I'm celebrating the release of my first solo Quickie with Ellora's Cave this Friday. Twenty-Four Hours is all about discovering a new side to someone you thought you already knew. Very hot and sexy. I can't wait to hear what you think.
I'm sitting in yet another hotel room listening to the rain pour outside and wondering when if I'll ever dry out. Too bad my day job requires me to stomp through the mud and muck no matter what the weather. Good news is I have a very cute pair of pink and white polka dot rubber boots. Always make a statement, I say. Plus. it gives them something to talk about.
I've got some really great news from my editor over at EC. Desiree Holt & I have sold the third book, Singed, in our Turn Up The Heat Series. Also I've sold the second book in my Erotic Escapes series, Pleasure Me In Petra, to Ellora's Cave. It's been a great month for me and my writing. Not to mention spending face time with some really great friends.
The next project is the fourth book with Desiree Holt and the third book in Erotic Escapes. So many plots, so little time, but I can't think of a thing I'd rather be doing.

Short post as work calls and I need to get busy. People to pester, hay fields to drive through and wild life to run from. Ahh what a glamous life I lead.


Monday, May 3, 2010

I survived Nature!!

So I made it through my weekend in the Texas Hill Country. The Wild Rose Press held it's writing retreat and I had a blast. First off I stayed in the Wyatt Earp room that's supposed to haunted. From the noises that woke me up on and off Saturday night I'm thinking they're right. Nothing creepy, but highly interesting.
Brenna Zinn and I did our co-writing workshop. I think it went well as no one threw frogs or rotten fruit at me. I'm pretty easy to please in that manner.
My Scarlett Rose Editor Diana did her own workshop and a good time was had by all. The idea behind her workshop was to jump start the muse. A button, CD, bracelet, cracker, note clip and a bottle of bubbles. What do these items have in common? They were all in my brown bag and I had to write a short story that included all the items. The second bag contained a triple A battery, plastic fork, fly catcher, safety pin, and again a bottle of bubbles. Fifteen minutes was the time limit and it shows in my writing. My notebook looks like a drunk first grader wrote it. The spelling isn't that much better. Just goes to show you how dependent I am on my computer's spell check.
So to get your Monday started off right I'm going to put my hard earned work here for all of you to read. There are two parts to the story, but I'm combining both of them here. I'll separate them to give you an idea of the difficulty of this project.

Invasion Of Evil Frogs From Outer Space
By: Allie Standifer

Diana slowly ate the stale cracker while waiting for the Elvin bracelet dangling innocently on her slim wrist to light up. Nikki's note, clipped in its holder had her stomach and hands clenching in nervous anticipation.
Jumping from the bar stoll the button on her pink catsuit caught on the chair's saddle horn and fell to the floor with a soft ping. Frustration and fear grew as she jammed her favorite CD in and cranked the music up. The wild Polka beat filled the empty space as Diana's pulse pounded with fearful energy.
Her fingers nervously twirled a strand of long silver and pink hair that had fallen loose from her pony tail.
Could the prophesy be come true, in the middle of nowhere, TX? The writing on the note burned into her mind.
Pender's Frogs were finally making their move to enslave the world under their influence of evil. Only the bubble of Avalon could stop the invasion of the devil's minions, but would the magic potion arrive in time? Or were they forever doomed to live under the dominion of the slime monsters?

2nd Bag
"Diane?" Boch interrupted her thoughts. "We've found another way to stop the frog horde."
Heart afraid to hope, she looked over at her green haired leprechaun lover. "We're running out of time. New York, New Orleans and Padre Island have already fallen."
"They didn't have this," Boch protested holding a green fly catcher in his hand.
Her pale slim hand flew to her throat in a nervous gesture. "Will it work?"
He lifted a green brow. "Austin took back the city using these attached to a fork and powered with a triple A battery."
"Boch, we're saved. The evil Pender's forces won't be able to defeat your brillance."
"I know," he smugly told her. "Let's have sex to celebrate. I've come prepared."
In the center of his lightly green tinged palm Boch held out a familiar blue packet and white tipped safety pin.
Diana's heart raced in raw desire. "You know me so well." In one swift tug the catsuit minus a button fell to the floor.
Boch mirrored her actions then used his teeth to tear open the foil.
Looking down Diana flinched. "My God," she exclaimed, "will it fit?"
Boch only laughed and said, "That's what the bubbles are for, baby."

Yeah, I know it's no Desiree Holt, but for the amount of time I had I didn't suck too bad. Be sure and let me know what you think. Have a great week people!