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Monday, June 2, 2014

It's been a while...

Wow I'm a slacker! It's official and everything. The plaque's in the mail. Yes, life's been busy the past mphh years, but really is it an excuse to not share my wisdom and musing with the world? Yeah okay I write mostly to entertain myself. It keeps the fires to a minimum. So what have I been doing the past blah blah years? Let's see I moved to Colorado, adopted a Pry, played in the snow, walked in the mountains, visited friends, played in the snow some more, had PIT & LP up for Christmas, lost my Pry, ended up in the ER and tore apart four of my full length novels. If you've ever read my blog before most of you know I extremely dislike reading my work. It's creepy and I'm always correcting every sentence in my head. I finally chose to do something about my nerosis I reworked them. Nicole Austin gave them fab new covers & I'll release the first one, Kryssin, in a week. The covers are yummy and lickable. Here's something some of you may not know. Writers have rules, no really there's this whole list of 'stuff' we're supposed to do & not supposed to do. Ughh, right? The funny thing is most of the NYT writers don't follow these rules. Last night I read a new release by a very popular author. She broke two rules over and over again. Using 'that' & 'was' throughout the novel didn't take away from the story. Never start a sentence with a preposition. HA HA HA! It happens all the time because the words flow from the story not a rule book. I'll choose to break the ones not working with my book, but keep the rules that actually make sense. Yeah, I'm such a rebel :) What else has been going on? Ummm oh I quit smoking! Yeah it sucks, but it's supposed to make me healthy. I don't feel any different except maybe crankier. Last night I went on the desk to grab the umbrella. Two steps out the door & I smelled it...cigarette smoke & weed. It seems the neighbors had a party and did not invite me. Considering I call them pod people and wonder out loud the number of vortexes in their house maybe it's not a surprise. Still I couldn't handle the temptation so I grabbed the umbrella, whacked myself in the head and ran back inside. Oh to be young and in college again. Trip down memory lane is over & I'm in need of more coffee. This is an attempt to get back in touch with the world (my fun shiny world) so we'll see how it works out. Let me know if you enjoy the blogs or just want me to shut up and write books. I can be motivated by bribes :) Kudos!