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Sunday, April 25, 2010

What makes a hero

This question has been pinging around my brain since last week's post. Really, what makes a man make us sit up and take notice. A man that doesn't even exist outside of a writer's imagination? What is it that makes us long for this certain man to be real, to exist side by side with us in our world?
I like to think it's more than a handsome face and buff body. Those things are nice, but kind of like eating icing without the cake. There's always something missing. I know when I write my heroes I create them with flaws. Short temper, stubborn sense of always being right or the naive belief they don't need anyone in their life. Flaws, I think, create the character, ads layers and depth to an otherwise one dimensional piece of fiction. 
A few traits I've noticed over and over again have made me think these are what draws us in as readers and women. The first is dependability. A man you can count on when the world's exploding around you, a vampire is about to rip out your throat or a Regency baron is about to slice your head off with a sword. No matter the time period, the setting or the general genre men with the ability to come through are a turn on. The foster sense of trust and safety that aren't easily found in reality.
The second thing I've noticed is a sense on honor. You know what I mean. The highway man that refuses to allow a child to be beaten. Or a cop that rescues an abandoned dog on the side of the highway. The werewolf that refuses to release his beast on the innocent.
Third is loyalty which I guess could be the same as being dependable, but not quite the same. The perfect or the memorable hero has loyalty in spades. A code of conduct that cannot be broken. He's there for his friends, family and anyone he persevere as being weaker than him. Not to mention fidelity to his chosen lady. Is anything sexier than that?
So that's my opinion on the top three qualties on what makes a remarkable hero. As well as what goes into being a male character in one of my books. And yeah a hot body and sexy face don't hurt either.
Until next time have a great week!


Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Hooked on Ranger

Yeah, I know people will be throwing popcorn and more at me for saying that, but I can't help it. I'm Plum fan now and chewing my nails waiting for Stephanie to get together with Ranger. Why not? He's hot, he's always protecting her. Hell, he's never said a word about all the cars she's blown up or destroyed. It takes a strong man to keep his mouth closed when hundred thousand dollar cars are flattened. Not to mention watching her walk away every night.
Joe never asks. He's never really there for her other than sex and clean laundry. I won't even go into scary Grandma Bella. Freaky deaky!!

All away.

Done yet? Look it's not like I don't get the Joe attraction. Joe is tall, dark and sexy. He's great in bed, he doesn't expect her to cook and he loves his dog. What's not to love? But he leaves me feeling a bit on the lonely side. He's never there for her. He pretty much just shakes his head and goes on his way.

Only two imaginary male characters have ever grab me by the throat. The first is Roarke by J.D. Robb. The second just happens to be Ranger. Strong, confident powerful men are who love completely are the sexiest thing I've ever seen. That's what makes them so popular with readers the world over. Fictional characters with real world attributes.

I only hope my hero have part of the soul of those two men. Because they are what makes writing so much fun.

I look forward to hearing the comments. Just play nice with the language. I damage easily.


Monday, April 12, 2010

Slacking off

I have discovered the wonderful world of computer games. Oh yes, I'm a late bloomer when it comes to this topic. I knew games were out there, but I could never be bothered with them. Ha! Look what jumped up and bit me on the left cheek. I'm into games. Spent all day playing them. It's addicting and I may need some sort of step program. To clear a few things up before you ask, no I'm not into role playing or dice or whatever else is floating out there. Blowing things up doesn't do a thing for me. Nor do I enjoy running around killing virtual people, monsters or robots. I like geek games. Hidden objects, word puzzles, gem stones and all that.
It's sad that I've fallen so far, but come on there are so many free games and apps out there it makes it impossible to say no. It makes it even more impossible to write. Considering I have deadlines that is a really really bad thing.
So I've chosen to limit myself to playing games on my Ipod. No more taking up precious space on my MacBook. If I go through withdraws I'll be sure to whine and complain about it here. If anyone has a favorite hidden objects or treasure hunt game let me know. I promise to keep on the Ipod and away from my work area :)
Speaking of work I actual have been doing some of that stuff. Finished two new books with the great and talented Desiree Holt. They've been shipped to our editor and I'll be starting book three in the series today. When we hear back from her I'll be sure to let the rest of you know when, where and what.
No, I have not finished Wishes, Kisses, and Corpses. Yes, I'm a loser and slacker. Please, keep the mocking to a minimum. I'm delicate that way :) I will, however, have to finish it by the end of the month of face the wrath of the mighty Desiree Holt. I'll be staying with her right after RT. If I don't have it done...well let's just say she's a creative woman and would have no problems hiding the body. Remember me fondly if this should happen and lift a Diet Coke in my honor.
On to brighter news: The third book in the Club Botticelli series has been contracted with Total E-Bound. The book, Beguiling Briley, ended up a bit longer than I expected, but I feel its the best one yet. Look at my website for more information on the series and the individual books.
Also for those of you interested I'll be at the Wild Rose Press retreat in Bandera, TX at the end of the month. I'll be giving a workshop on the joys and miseries of co-writing. Come by and say hi if your in the neighborhood. Better yet sign up for a four day conference with horse back riding, good food and great people. I'll be there with Brenna Zinn Saturday doing our workshop. I'd love for you to stop by and say hi.
That's it for now. I'll head back to my work in progress and ignore the lure of my hidden objects games. Ahh, the temptation.

Kudos, Allie