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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Hooked on Ranger

Yeah, I know people will be throwing popcorn and more at me for saying that, but I can't help it. I'm Plum fan now and chewing my nails waiting for Stephanie to get together with Ranger. Why not? He's hot, he's always protecting her. Hell, he's never said a word about all the cars she's blown up or destroyed. It takes a strong man to keep his mouth closed when hundred thousand dollar cars are flattened. Not to mention watching her walk away every night.
Joe never asks. He's never really there for her other than sex and clean laundry. I won't even go into scary Grandma Bella. Freaky deaky!!

All away.

Done yet? Look it's not like I don't get the Joe attraction. Joe is tall, dark and sexy. He's great in bed, he doesn't expect her to cook and he loves his dog. What's not to love? But he leaves me feeling a bit on the lonely side. He's never there for her. He pretty much just shakes his head and goes on his way.

Only two imaginary male characters have ever grab me by the throat. The first is Roarke by J.D. Robb. The second just happens to be Ranger. Strong, confident powerful men are who love completely are the sexiest thing I've ever seen. That's what makes them so popular with readers the world over. Fictional characters with real world attributes.

I only hope my hero have part of the soul of those two men. Because they are what makes writing so much fun.

I look forward to hearing the comments. Just play nice with the language. I damage easily.



  1. Okay. I'll be the first to toss a bucket of popcorn over your head.

    Ranger???? Sure, he's hot. Sure, he's mysterious. But Joe is THE guy.

    Ranger is more of an awesome one night stand. Joe is one of those guys you can imagine spending the rest of your life with.

    Don't get me wrong. Joe's grandmother really is creepy, but Stephanie's grandma is practically on crack. If I were Stephanie's mom, I'd have a bottle in the cabinets, too.

    So, I'm on Team Joe!

  2. nope, I'm for Ranger. Stephanie always rebounds back to Joe because she's settling for her comfort zone and not willing to expand her horizons and be more than the girl from the 'Burb. She settles for same old, same old rather than to face the challenges life would bring if she stayed in Ranger's orbit. She'd grow more as a person with Ranger. Joe's willing to settle for roast beef at Mom's. Ranger would broaden her horizons.

  3. And there's the voice of reason. Ranger wins! Two to one. So sorry. The majority have spoken.

  4. I'm a Ranger girl. And a Roarke girl. Can't get enough of either of them. :D