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Friday, January 13, 2012

Do we really care?

Every day I check my email & there's at least 10 asking me to check out their blog. Hey, I don't mind. You're reading mine, right? However I've come to understand there's a difference between writing for the hell of it, entertainment and casual views on life. I try to make mine a littel bit of all three. What I'm seeing more and more are blogs telling me. Buy this, don't buy that, like her, hate him, vote for blue, but veto red. Augh, my poor ADD head. As if I don't have enough issues, right?
So here's this weeks brain thinker :) Do we really care about all these blogs and the opinions on them? When do we reach the point that enough is enough? Or do we? Every part of of some people's life is up for public consumption. Geez, I like ya'll and all, but ewww no one's that close.
Originally I was going to post about my experience with the church group and their sins of the flesh discussion. Think i still will it's more fun than wondering why the hell some stranger would choose to share their bowell movements with me. YUCK!
Here's the story:

Originally I was sitting in the corner of my coffee cafe where I go to write those great American porn novels you love so well :) Next thing I know a large group of people are sitting catty corner to me. If you've met me you'd know I paid them no attention. It wasn't until bibles started thunking on the cheap tables that I finally looked up. Lo and behold a church group was meeting for their monthly...?? Yeah, I didn't catch it either. I, being the self centered creature I am, went back to writing. I was having way more fun torturing my new characters than easedropping on church decons.
Picture me happily typing away on my iPad key board when out of nowhere there rose a...gibberish noise.
Fine, I force myself to look up and your friendly neighborhood church group is laying hands and casting demons out. Hey, don't get me wrong. I've got nothing, but admiration for them and respect the hell out people who embrace what they love. Having said that I do not feel it's necessary to cast Satan out over coffee. Maybe I'm old fashioned, but I believe there's a time and place for speaking in tongues, casting Satan from a life and eating food with your hands.
None of the above is acceptable while people are drinking coffee, reading books or newspapers or just chatting with a friend.
Sins of the flesh seemed to be the group's topic. You'll never know how very I tempted I was to ask them to crit my last chapter. A chapter that involved...gasp SEX. The naked kind with a man and a woman in the SAME bed.
I restrained myself mainly because I was leaving. Plus, some people have no sense of humor when it comes to their religion. I respect it all, but I also reserve the right to make fun of you as well as myself.
Hmm, think I'm done with my blog's torturous, brain washing session for this week. Next time we'll learn how to fold napkins into swans and take over the world one blog at a time!


PS: Forgive any spelling errors. I'm typing on my iPad keyboard, but using my iPhone. The screen is so small I'm kind of typing blind here.