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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Stealing Eve's blog :)

Yep, my arm is still messed up. So I'm stealing the amazing Eve Savage's blog post. Be sure to follow the instructions at the end.

Rose's December 2010 Calendar
To Blog or Not to Blog
That is the Question. In the late 90s a new internet tool was born - the web log. This term was soon shortened by the media to blog and the phenomenon took off like wild fire.
So, what is a blog? In short, it's a daily journal. A pulpit. A soapbox. An op-ed piece. A news outlet. The list goes on and on. There are also many types of blogs: text, video, audio, even microblogs (but that will be covered more on twitter day).
Should you blog?
Most authors nowadays do have blogs. It's a good way to reach readers and keep them abreast of what's going on in your writing life, what you're working on, and any upcoming events you will attend.
One of the main problems is getting readers to read your blog. It's all well and good to have one, but if no one is reading it, then the information isn't getting out there. So how do you publicize your blog? There's no real science to it, but here are a few suggestions to promote your blog. The following are from
Set your blog to Send Pings. When this setting is activated, your blog will be included in various "recently updated" lists on the web as well as other blog-related services.
Activate Your Navbar. Do this and you might start to see the effects right away! One of the features on the Blogger Navbar is a button called NextBlog - click it to visit the next Navbar-enabled blog.
Install Email This Post. If you use Email This Post on your blog, people will be able to forward your posts to friends. This may not have an immediate impact on your site stats but it enables others to publicize your blog for you.
Turn on Post Pages. By publishing every post as its very own web page with Post Pages, you ensure that your entries are way more link-able and more attractive to search engines.
Turn on your site feed. When people subscribe to your site feed in their newsreaders, they're very likely going to read your post.
Add your blog to Blogger's listings. When you add your blog to our listings it shows up in Nextblog, Recently Updated, and other places. It's like opting-in to traffic.
Write quality content and do it well. If your "style" is bad writing, worse grammar, no punctuation, and an ugly design, that might be okay for a niche crowd. But the idea here is to achieve mass appeal, so fix yourself up a bit.
Publish regular updates. Simple: the more you blog, the more traffic you'll get.
Think of your audience. A good way to build an audience is to speak to one in particular. When you keep your audience in mind, your writing gains focus. Focus goes a long way toward repeat visitors.

Keep search engines in mind. There are a few things you can do to make your blog more search engine friendly. Use post titles and post page archiving. This will automatically give each of your post pages an intelligent name based on the title of your post. Also, try to be descriptive when you blog. A well crafted post about something very specific can end up very near the top results of a search.
Put your blog URL in your email signature. Think of how many forwarded emails you've seen in your day, and just imagine the possibilities.
Submit your address to blog search sites and directories. People look for blog content at Technorati every day, are you on their list? You should be. Submit your blog's url to Technorati, Daypop, Blogdex, Popdex, and any other site of that ilk you come across.
Link to other blogs. Links are the currency of the blogosphere and it takes money to make money so start linking.
Install a blogroll. It's a very simple yet effective social networking scheme and it has the same result as a simple link if not stronger: traffic! So if you don't have one yet, sign up for a blogroll and get that link-list going.
Be an active commenter. This is in the same vein as linking. Most comment systems also provide a way for you to leave a link back to your blog which begs a visit at the very least. So if you feel inspired, leave a comment or two in your blog travels. It behooves you.
Enable Following on your blog. Following is a great way to keep your friends updated on the latest activity on your blog. New blogs will have this blog feature enabled by default, but for older blogs you will have to enable it from the Layout | Page Elements tab.
Multiple Prizes Alert!!!
In order to bring you all to the Roses' blogs, we're having a contest! Go to each of the following blogs and read today's post. There you will find the rules and the prizes you can win for today's contest!! Good luck! Eve


Sunday, November 21, 2010

The amazing Nicole Austin is guest-blogging

Yes, the awesome Nicole Austin has taken pity on me and my one-armed predicament. She's blogging for me today about men and their IT factor. Without further whining, bragging or sucking-up here's Nicole!

Gettin’ Naughty – The “IT” Factor by Nicole Austin
Let’s face it, we would like our man to have it all—looks, smarts and an irresistible personality. In reality, looks fade and anyone can become smarter with a bit of effort. IMHO, the “it” factor is personality. It is that certain undeniable and difficult to pin down quality that makes someone charismatic and attractive.

It has many facets. A man with a quick wit who can make us laugh is worth his weight in gold! If he has the manners of a southern gentleman we swoon. How often do men hold the door open for a woman or pull out a chair for her anymore? Such manners are now considered old fashioned and not often practiced in our fast-paced society where women are equal.
Guess what, guys? We may not need you to treat us as if we’re frail, but we love the consideration along with the boost to our femininity when you make the effort to be a gentleman. Whether we admit it or not, most of us want the romance and tender treatment.

An it man can make conversation with anyone, putting them at ease and immediately drawing them in. From the goth kid at the bus stop to the influential politician at a charity event, he treats everyone with the same genuine interest and respect. He listens, makes you feel your response is important, watches for subtle body language cues, and generally charms your socks off. He could be talking about the most boring subject but he’s memorable, holds our attention and you are inexplicably drawn to him.

We authors try to capture that rather indefinable it factor in our characters. Here’s a little snippet where I described the quality in Aiden from my first book, Passionate Realities

The most enticing draw was that he had the whole package going on. The man was incredibly fun, engaging, energetic, sexy, successful, charismatic, and smart as shit. Okay, some people thought he was arrogant, but she knew that it was just his extreme confidence putting out that vibe. He knew what he wanted and staked his claim with no doubt as to his right of possession.
Then he would mysteriously surprise everyone with a burst of charming little boy shyness or deep emotion, keeping you slightly off balance. Aiden exuded charm, and people just loved to be near him. A real man’s man. Guys wanted to be him, and women just plain wanted him. His seemingly casual disinterest in their obvious desires just made them want him all the more.

That brings us back to a common theme—confidence. A confident man can make us melt quicker than the hottest GQ model. What makes someone truly attractive comes more from the inside than their outer appearance. Let who you are shine through and be confident in that person.

Many other qualities can and do make up the it factor. Honesty, integrity, intelligence, a nice smile, sense of humor, manners, sensitivity, sincerity, drive and ambition, affectionate, considerate and thoughtful, and a sense of adventure, perhaps a dash of wicked bad boy to keep things interesting. Mm...yes. This man wins over a superficial man with good looks hands down!

What do y'all think? Did I miss anything? What do you think makes up the it factor?

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Happily Ever After

I'll do my best to keep the whining at a minimum. I'm starting to annoy myself. Moving sister's divorce was final this week. Not to be catty, but his family looked like the Clampets come to town. The judge had to order dear old fart dad to remove his baseball hat. Don't get me wrong I really liked my former brother-in-law. He's funny, hard-working and down to earth, nothing like his family. However, these things happen and sometimes it's no one's fault. Though I like to blame it on his rude and catty step-mother and father....that's a whole 'nother story. It involves the middle of nowhere, bugs in gumbo and father-in-law stealing all the reception food.
Why mention any of this you ask? Well, because it proves my point. We all need happily ever afters. If we can't get them from real life then books prove to be the next best thing. Life may not have all the drama of a romance novel, but at the end of the book at least you know you'll have that happy ending.
Through all bumps, ups and downs in my life I've kept my books near. Most of the time I read for pleasure, but sometimes as an escape from my troubles. Imagine my surprise when happily immersed in a book I get to the end and there's no happily ever after. I mean really? I read all this, connect with the characters and join the journey with them only to end up bitch-slapped in the end with one of the main characters dying. ACK!!!! Makes me want to smack the author.
Ummm, yeah, I think I'm done with the ranting and the arm is getting cramped from typing. I hope all of you enjoy your Sunday, stay warm!


Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Doctor's appt & NaNo

Good new: my rotator cuff is not torn. Bad news: it's actually my neck or back that's causing the arm pain & swelling. Ummm & GULP! Crackers, Batman, I had no idea something I thought would be simple is now mucho complicated. Ugh, so I'm off to another doctor...a neck guy and I'm sure more tests. However if someone tried to stick that big a*& needle in my NECK?? It's armed and all.
My whining continues as I'm missing out on National Write A Book In a Month. I was in it last year and hit over 100K. I hate not being part of it again this year, feel like a loser.
I think I need to drown my sorrows in another cup of coffee and my arm is cramping up from this little amount of typing.


Sunday, November 7, 2010

Good news and yay me!!

For all of those asking....Poseidon's Fortune, the second book in the Poseidon series has been contracted!!!!!! WOOT!!!!! Yep, it's great to finally have it out of my hands and into the hands of my editor. Have no idea what the release date will be, but it's good to know it's finally in the line up!!

Also for those of you following my Club Botticelli series Beguiling Briley received a really nice review from Sensuous Read.  Thank you, Emily!! You made my night!!

Review: Beguiling Briley by Allie Standifer

"Beguiling Briley is a quick read as each page pulls the reader in more"
When Briley Evans’ computer breaks she ends up going to a computer repair shop her friend had recommended.  She meets Carter Moore who becomes tongue tied in her presence, far from Briley’s normal type she becomes intrigued by Carter.  Deciding to see where the attraction takes her Briley flirts with Carter who is equally as mesmerized until their evening takes an adventurous turn.
Beguiling Briley is a quick read as each page pulls the reader in more.  Briley is a confident woman who once she realizes what she wants is willing to take it, until it comes to love.   Carter is a terrific character, I thought the way he was written and the nervousness he shows to Briley was very endearing.

Still the one armed girl

 well, didn't get the test in. I got the dates wrong so I think it's this week that I find out exactly what's wrong with the right arm. So I'm still in whining mode. There are so many things I miss about having two good arms. However, I know people have it much worse than I do. I would never try to take away from those who've suffered a permanent loss of limbs. With me being me I can't help but throw a mini pity party.
On the upside, the reviews have been great for the last few books released. I'm thrilled to see them and read them but I love getting reader comments more. You hear how much you loved the characters, the hot hot sex scenes and the overall plot makes me do the one armed dance of joy.

I've got deadlines coming up and somehow I'll beg, borrow or bribe my way into getting a little help in the writing. We'll have to see how it goes, but I'll be sure to do any updates or any new news when I have it.

 until next week


Thursday, November 4, 2010

Testing, testing

Augh! Long needle small arm joint... can we say pain, boys and girls? Oh yeah, I had an MRI and something else, not sure what. Everything blurred after the 'needle incident'. Holy Crackers, Batman, that was not a fun experience. I do not recommend it for children or people who dislike pain.
The above is a long drawn out way to say WHAAAAA I'm still sling-bound & I'm finally going to get the results of my very painful testing. My good news is I've ordered a program which, I hope, will enable me to write by speaking instead of typing. Not sure if it works or not, but at least it's something, There are deadlines a'comin and I'm not a one armed typer.
This car accident had completely derailed my life. I can't drive for long periods of time, I can't type for more than a few minutes. I'll skip the whole bra, washing my hair irritants. Man I do miss my right arm.
So that's it for now. My whining is done. I'll be back sometime next week to either dance the dance of joy or throw a pity party to end all parties.
Wish me luck,


PS: A huge huge huge thanks to Regina C, Nicole A, Cerise D, Samatha C & Desiree H for taking such good care of me at Romanticon. Love, love, love you ladies!!! Alliepoloosa 2011 here we come!!!!

Monday, October 4, 2010

It's here!!

Yep, arm's still messed up & that really limits my typing. I had to share the news Beguiling Briley's is out! The third book in the Club Botticelli series is available at Total E-Bound. Pick it up and let me know what you think!
Also for those of you in the Ohio area I'll be at Romanticon this weekend. Swing by the book signing and say hi. I'll sign anything I can, but remember I'm right handed & my right arm is in the sling. Who knows what it will happen. The first five people to buy one of my books gets a goodie surprise!! Love prezzies!!!

Allie (the gimpy princess)

Wednesday, September 22, 2010


Yeah I know I've been absent....again. However I have the most amazing excuse. A bus hit me! Yep I know I said I was fine, but turns out I'm not. Sucks, I know. My arm is in a sling & there are issues with my neck and head. Who knew I'd still be messed up from getting sideswiped by a CTA bus. I'm not allowed to type for long so the amazing Desiree Holt has jumped in to help me out with my blog.
I'll try to get a little something in next week.

You’ve been Scorched and Singed.  Now it’s time to get Scalded. Book Three in Turn Up the Heat by Allie Standifer and Desiree Holt is now on the virtual bookshelves and it’s setting fire to computers. Get it Ellora’s Cave, Amazon, Sony and All Romance Ebooks
Here’s what reviewers are saying about this latest tempting morsel:
From Happily Ever After Reviews:
What do you get when you have the queen of hot romance and an author who has a wicked imagination come together? Why you get Scalded in every way. You will love Reed Brody for here is a man who has everything he’s wanted in Halli. He’s got a woman who is beautiful, sexy and loves the kinky stuff like him. These two together are hot, sexy and fun with one another it is easy to love them. The fun between them is crazy and man the scenes between them with these toys are like, wow. These authors sure created a tale that will burn you with their passion and the wild stuff in this book will blow you away. Loved it!
From RRT Erotic:
Scalded is a sexy short story about finding love when you least expect it. Reed’s brother recently fell in love, and now Reed is even more sure that playing the field is the way to go. Much as she may fantasize about letting a man take control in the bedroom, Halli enjoys her independence. As she sees it, a relationship will mean a loss of her independence and control, both inside the bedroom and out. Yet the chemistry between them sizzles out of control, and the relationship between them takes it’s natural course. A tempting erotic tale.
With one last look at her packed cases, Halli knew the sales of dildos, cock rings and anal lube would push her profit margin over the top. The money would put her one step closer to buying the house she’d been dreaming about and getting out of the small cramped apartment over her coffee shop, Jolts. Though the free rent hadn’t hurt her savings either. The sex toy parties more than made up for the declining economy. People always, always had time and money for sex or sex toys.
Four years ago she would never have dreamed of making money this way, but back then she hadn’t known her dream house really existed. Not until she’d found it surfing local real estate listings. Now that Halli knew it was out there waiting for her, she’d do whatever it took to make it her own.
Too bad Halli didn’t understand the fuss herself. Oh, she could talk the talk, but she’d never walked the walk. Too timid to bring up sex toys to her past lovers and too uptight to try them out by herself, Halli relied on satisfied clients in order to glean the details.
Did it make her a freak that she wanted a little bondage? Wanted to dump the responsibility for her sexual pleasure on a man’s lap? She wanted to be teased and touched until she begged for the release only her lover could provide.
Too bad that lover didn’t exist. Most men didn’t like admitting to needing anything more in the bed besides their cock. Halli didn’t think toys took away from their masculinity, only added more intimacy to the joining. It sucked that hey needed so much convincing.
“So, how did it go tonight?” Tina Devers, her hostess for the evening walked back into the room after showing the last guest out.
Halli smiled at the older woman, not able to stop the wide grin forming on her lips. “Who knew tax attorneys could get so kinky?”
Tina laughed, her gray-streaked hair tumbling wildly around her cheery face. “We can party with the best of them, honey. Don’t let anyone tell you different.”
Fanning a hand in front of her face, Halli laughed with her. “After tonight my lips are sealed.”
“Good.” Tina gave Halli a friendly pat on the back. “Now, let’s get this stuff in your SUV. I can’t wait to try out my new toys with Ricky.”
A sliver of envy caught her unawares at the mention of Tina’s husband. After so many years together they still shared a passion and friendship that made her yearn for a connection like that of her own.
Desperate to shut down that mental picture before it could form, Halli grabbed the top case. “Don’t you dare grab one, Tina. These things weigh a ton. Plus, it’s my only form of exercise today.”
“Nonsense. If you won’t let me help then I’ll yell for Ricky.” She put words to action yelling her husband’s name.
Within seconds the barrel-chested retired police detective ran into the room. “Tina, honey, what’s wrong?”
“Nothing, Ricky, I just wanted you to help Halli lug out these cases. The poor girl’s been on her feet all day serving coffee. Then she came straight over here for my party. It’s amazing she hasn’t fallen over yet.”
Heat crept up her cheeks as Halli listened to Tina’s exaggerated version of her day. Granted she’d been up early in order to open Jolts, but she hired people to sling the coffee while she normally stayed in her office playing catch-up with paperwork, coming out to help when the rush hour crowds showed up or spelling an employee for break or lunch.
“She works too hard,” Ricky agreed. “Hey, honey, Reed’s on his way over. He had some questions about an old case I caught a few years ago.”
“Ricky,” his wife of thirty-four years whined, “I have plans for us tonight. I opened a bottle of wine and everything.”
Rick looked a little confused until Tina jerked her head to the case he carried. A red flush crept up his cheeks as his wife’s meaning caught on. “Oh….uh…okay. I’ll try and catch Reed before he gets here.”
“Good, ’cause you won’t be answering the door once the lights go out. You’ll be real busy, lamb-pot.” Tina purred to her spouse and Halli wanted to dash out of the house with her ears covered.
One major drawback to hosting these parties, people forgot to censor their tongues around her. They said and did things they’d never dream of repeating in public anywhere.
The party tonight had lasted longer than normal, but the women and their open checkbooks more than made up for any tiredness she felt. Still she wanted to go home, crank up her computer and check up on her dream house.
“Sure, honey. Halli, don’t tell me you carried these trunks in here all by yourself?” Ricky tugged one bulky plastic container and hefted it into his arms. “These things weigh a ton.”
“It’s my only form of exercise, Rick. Besides they’re not that bad.” Grabbing the white handles Halli lifted the next case and followed her friend’s husband out the door.
“Not bad, my ass,” Rick complained good-naturedly.
The trip from the couple’s living room to her small hybrid SUV took only a few minutes. Soon they had the cargo area filled. With the last of her product tucked safely in a smaller plastic case under her arm, Halli said goodbye to her host.
The lighted walkway leading from the door to the driveway lent a sense of safety as she contemplated her future plans. Her dream house crept closer with each party she gave and the more products she sold. Soon, so very soon, she’d be able to buy a king-size bed and have a place to put it.
Her small cramped place now did double duty as both apartment and storage space for Jolts. Her personal space was crammed in between cases of coffee and creamer and her small twin bed and mini fridge.
One of her favorite pastimes was to click on the little slide show posted on the real estate agency’s site. Her dream house was just over twenty-five hundred square feet. She didn’t care if it was more room than one person needed. The place had two porches—front and back—a large stone fireplace in the living room, professional chef’s kitchen, and a lovely backyard complete with swimming pool and hot tub.
The master bedroom and bath were any female’s ultimate fantasy with giant walk-in closets, double sinks, walk-in stone shower with its decadent five showerheads. The tub, almost big enough to swim in, came with massaging jets, heat lamps and a shelf for a flat screen television.
Another couple of parties like this one and she’d be able to put thirty percent down on her dream.
Caught up in her visions of home and leg room, Halli didn’t notice the tall figure striding toward her, his form just out of the comforting circle of the security lights.
When hard hands grabbed her shoulders, Halli jerked back, let out of yelp of fear and threw her arms up in an automatic protective gesture. The plastic tub fell to the ground with its lid flying open. Anal beads, wands, lubes, handcuffs, silk scarves and nipple clamps scattered around her feet.

Monday, September 6, 2010

Bus vs Allie

Oh you know it, the bus won. Yes, I'm okay. Bus was turning so was I next thing I know half the front of my rental car was gone. Yikes! Then the delightful (ha ha) bus driver gets off the bus yelling at me. I told him I wasn't doing a screaming match. He shut up and went to call the police. Finally the cops showed up, very sweet lady cop asked me what happened I told her & I didn't get a ticket :) The driver's supervisor showed up, again a very nice person. He actually stayed with me until the tow driver pulled up with my new rental.
I have to say aside from a few select individuals everyone is Chicago has been amazing. They're good natured, friendly and very willing to answer questions or help out. If it weren't for the twelve feet of snow every year I'd love to live here.
As for what I doing with my writing career...nothing. I have plenty of plots, characters and fun things running around my head, but no time or energy to do it with. So this will be another short blog until I'm back home.
But keep your eyes out for new releases coming out in the next few months. For those of you who enjoyed Ordering Olivia, Enticing Emma then get ready for Beguiling Briley. The third book in my Club Botticelli series. Briley's in way over her head with a cute geeky computer genius named Carter. With the help ie meddling of her friends you won't believe what happens next.

Be sure to tell me what you think of Briley's story and watch out for the third book in my Erotic Escapes series, Snared in Siberia, coming soon for Ellora's Cave as well.
Until next week watch out for buses!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Go me, go me

Ordering Olivia got its first review!! As you can tell from my subject line it's  great one. Night Owl romance gave OO 4 stars so I'm dancing out the door. I'll post it here so all of you can dance along with me :)

Genre: Spicy Romance
Reviewed by: Maria
This is the first book in a new series based on a club opened by a six friends who happen to be successful women. The author did a good job of writing a story that kept my attention from start to finish with an interesting theme, engaging plot and scintillating dialogue. The title is easily read in an afternoon.
Olivia “Livia” Paisley is a retired model whose life has completely changed in the last three years. A health situation while on a photo shoot put her in a hospital emergency room. The doctor, Huntington Winslow, basically told her that she had two choices, either eat real food or die at a very young age. Her six foot body could no longer exist at the weight of 120 pounds. Livia took the doctor’s advice and started to eat a healthy diet. She became a successful model for one of the world’s biggest “real size” clothing lines and then retired at the age of 32. After her retirement, she and five of her friends opened up a club for women of any size to relax, dance and have fun. Former friends said the club would be a failure but it’s been a success since it’s opening the year before.
While her business life is going great, her dating life is at a standstill. Betrayed by someone she trusted, Livia has not let any man close since. Only a bet from her 5 friends and partners has her thinking about hooking up with a man who she keeps running into all over town. Livia’s friends and business partners are great secondary characters and you can tell that they will probably be focus of the other books planned for this series. These women guard each other’s backs and are more than willing to take revenge on someone who they believe has done them wrong. There’s a great scene in the book where the women are confessing the revenge that they took against Livia’s ex-fiancĂ©e, it was humorous and dare I say inspiring.
Ethan Newton is described as being over six feet, with brandy colored eyes and an imposing figure. He’s a successful businessman, who works in the family oil business. He’s intrigued and attracted to a woman that he keeps running into all over town, first at a restaurant, then the movie theatre, the dry cleaners and now “Club Botticelli”. Ethan realizes that he wants this woman more than any other woman he’s ever wanted and proceeds to flirt and eventually proposition Livia. He’s surprised when she admits to being one of the club owners and they proceed to go upstairs for a night of explosive sex in her apartment above the club. The problem comes the next morning when both Livia and Ethan realize that their hearts are on the line and when outside situations cause some problems. They will need to decide if they want to take a risk and see where their relationship could go.
I really liked how the author dealt with Livia’s growth as a woman, first from realizing that one doesn’t need to be a size 2 model to have a fulfilling and successful life, to realizing that even though you’ve been burned being open to love is always the right choice to make. I also liked how Ms. Standifer had Ethan realize that being with a woman who actually ate real food and had a body with some curves, was what he was looking for. At one point Ethan also realizes that he’s made some assumptions about women and he begins to get a new perspective on the gender as a whole. The author included some hot and well written love scenes and I can’t wait to read the next book in this series.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

On the road again

Yep, I hit the blue skies and landed in the great state of IL. So far so good. Forgive me for what is sure to be a short post, but it's been a very long day. I'm pooped and have an even longer day ahead of me tomorrow. I'll be sure to find a new hotel with free wi-fi so I can add to this post later in the week.
Don't forget Enticing Emma, the second Club Botticelli, is out tomorrow at Total E-Bound. For those of you who loved Ordering Olivia be sure to grab Emma's story. What's better than an alpha male that refuses to walk away from the only woman's he's ever loved? Yummy, I know. So check it out and let me know if you love Brock and Emma's story as much as I loved writing it.
Until later people...Kudos,

Sunday, August 15, 2010

It's Sunday again

I made it on a Sunday! Yay me even coming in from a road trip. The weekend went great & the birthday girl had a amazing party complete with everything she wanted. So as long as she's happy, I'm happy.

Here's some funny, yet happy news. I met a fantastic lady and her husband at a local B&N when I flew through town for a quick in and out visit. They had some great stories and I enjoyed meeting with them. I think if we'd stayed in the store any longer we'd have been tossed out. Nothing I love more than meeting readers that love books as much as I do. Next time I blow through town I hope to meet up with them again.

This week is dedicated to getting stuff together for Romanticon baskets. I'll have three to auction off. One all by my lonesome, the second with the amazing Desiree Holt & the last with all the talented authors in my editor's loop. Funny enough my editor loves frogs as much as I hate/fear them. So of course the idea behind the basket is squirmy little green evil buggers. Why me? Oh yeah, I love my editor. Damn the luck.

Friday also saw the release of the second book in my Erotic Escapes series, Pleasure Me in Petra. I can't wait to see what everyone thinks of it. I had a blast writing it & it's longer than anything I've written lately.
A woman down on men & a man who has nothing in common with this woman. Two people brought together by fate & the mystical meddling of three immortal matchmakers. Check out what happens after dark in the once lost city of Petra when two people come together in a clash of desire and need.
Be sure to let me know what you think. Until next week, people.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Here I go again

Yep, I'm here again. And aren't you lucky I'm posting twice in one week. Mostly due to irritation, summer heat and fugly looking toe nails. Seriously what's up with people and their yellow cracked toes? For under twenty bucks any man, woman, or child can get their toes done at the nearest pedi/mani salon. There's no reason in the world for you to walk around with chipped, fugly toes. I get it if you're broke, have political or religious bans on pedis. Yay for you, but for the rest of us who have to eat around near you, cover those nasty suckers up. Wear closed toed shoes, socks, something to hide the hideous condition of those little piggies. I'm not asking just for myself, think of the children. They'll be scared for life.
Whew, I feel better. If I've scared one person into the nearest Tic Tac Toe then I can sleep easy.
Had lunch with my Dad today which means I was forced out of bed way too early. I'm a night owl, I don't do sunrise unless I've stayed up all night and come trapping home as the sun comes up. So we met. I actually got there before him, a first for me :) I mainlined caffeine with coffee and Diet Coke. Ordered my breakfast, but forgot to ask our delightful waitperson to hold the berries. I'm allergic to red dye. Makes me hyper then I crash with a two day migraine. Since I forgot to mention it the berry goop was scrapped off my fluffy pancake. Smiling Sam came over asked what was wrong I explained. The next thing I know my plate disappeared along with my eggs, bacon & fruit. Bang! She's back with a new plate, new pancake and new everything. You could see my Dad almost crying in gratitude. Hey, I'm really not that bad, my Dad's just an emotional softie...NOT! So I've had no dye, not enough coffee and shoved out of bed way too early.
Has anyone seen this thing? Bark Off? 2 for 10? Keeps your dog from barking or trains him when to bark? Or something like that. What will we think of next? Useless crap that millions will buy then toss in the junk drawer within a week. Not that I have all that much room to talk, I've got my own drawer full of crap.
Sorry TV is on and the commercial popped out at me.
Today I'm determined to get the first chapter in the next Turn Up The Heat series done. I hate feeling like something is hanging over me. Makes me feel all freaked out and pressured, but it's no one's fault except my own.
And for those of you wondering, yes I forgot my to bomb another room. Some days it doesn't pay to open the coffin. Now I've got to flea bomb the very last room in the house and hang out another day outside. Hopefully I'll still have enough energy to get my work done.
I'm done for now or at least until I can think of something else to flip me out :)


Sunday, August 8, 2010

Missing Week

And again I've skipped a week, but hey it's summer. There's a pool outside calling my name, the kids are out of school and it's too hot to do anything. Too bad I have to work...pesky bills to pay and all that.
I have been busy...really. Last week I attended a wonderful birthday party for my mom's best-friend, Barbara. Had a great time until they threw me in the kitchen. Tammie wanted me to cook or at least attempt it. Me? Kitchen? Cook? Does anyone else see something wrong with this picture. Ahh the struggles I have in life. Finally I grabbed the knife and smooshed the garlic. Whew, no one ever told me how sticky and stinky the little buggers are. Yuck!
Then my brilliant little mind ended up spending three days stuck outside my house because I have fleas in the house. Yep, I'd bomb the room I got bit in then spend the day out in the pool. Go in get bit in a different room, bomb again the next day and so on. Today was finally the last day...I hope. Geesh why is it so hard to kill these little buggers? If I get hit by the blood squad again I think I'll move. It's got to be easier than this. 
This week's going to be just as busy. I have meetings out of town for the day job then another birthday. Because I'm clever and know my family I've convinced the b-day girl to insist on kabobs with corn on the cob, Crave cupcakes and not much else :) I'm so evil it's scary. But really what idiot wants to stand outside in the Texas sun and cook over a BBQ pit? I'd rather sit in the pool with a cool drink and toss kids around in the water.
In between all that fun I have writing to do or else my writing partner, Desiree Holt, will be kicking my butt all over Texas. She's not the only one. Deadlines are pressing down and I've got to get busy. It's just there's so many plots, characters and so little time.
I promise to do better and have a more interesting blog next week. Right now I'm just pooped. Between the fleas and the sun I need a nap :)
Until next week...

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Club Botticelli

Yeah, yeah I know I missed last week's blog. There is a perfect excuse. I had jury duty... very heavy weight hanging over my head. Yes, I believe in doing my civic duty. I've served on several trials in the past and always do my best to be open-minded and honest. This time however past experiences prevented me from accepted. Nope, can't get into the details except to say driving under the influence in any circumstances is breaking the law. There is no excuse for it and you should go to jail. And that's my Point of View.
Moving on to happy news. The first book of my Club Botticelli series, Ordering Olivia, will be released tomorrow at Total E-Bound. Yay!! I'm so excited to see this book come out. There's nothing better than see something you envisioned from idea to completion come true. It's really perfect since I'm in the middle of writing the fifth and last book of the series. Wow, I can't believe the ride is almost over and I'm having so much fun with it.
Never fear as I've sold the third book in the Erotic Escapes series, Snared in Siberia, to Ellora's Cave. Yes, this is the book formally known as Bonded in Lake Baikal. I'll fill you in more later when I have release details and cover art.
There's more coming up this month, so to be a surprise & others I'm waiting on the info to share.
So that's it for this week news. Hope everyone has a great week & be sure to let me know what you think of Ordering Olivia.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

New Releases and stuff

Tease Me In Tunisia is finally out at Ellora's Cave! This is the first of my Erotic Escapes series. Yay! Love writing this series, it's such a blast researching all these fun and exciting places. My bookcase has more than three shelves filled from end to end with travel books, World Heritage Site books, unforgettable places, once in a lifetime trips and lost lands. There really is something exotic and erotic about places and people so different from our own. You learn about their history, religion, culture and (yummy) food.
Tunisia is an amazing place, filled with culture, history and yep food. Here's some little known facts about this amazing city and people. There's the Amphitheater of ElJem. This amazing piece of history is from the 3rd century and can seat over 60,000 people. It's now part of the World Heritage Site conservation efforts due to its construction and as a example of Roman imperial ego.
Dougga is a ruin northern part of the country. It's been preserved because UNESCO believes it's one of the best preserved small town in North Africa. Dougga’s size, its well-preserved monuments and its rich with history make it exceptional. Amongst the most famous monuments at the site are a Punic-Libyan mausoleum, the capitol, the theatre, and the temples of Saturn.
I'll stop going on about this amazing city, but before I do three more drops of info. Hannibal's elephants were supposed to have traveled through the city.  Last but not least the medina of Tunis. This is where the main mosque of Tunis, Zitouna, is located. Zitouna means olive tree, and comes from the mosque's founder and Koran teacher. The amazing building was erected in ninth century. The last piece of amazement is Carthage, one of the most famous historic sites of the Roman Empire.

Makes you want to grab your passport, leave your kids and head for the nearest airport. Auhhh, one of these days I'll make my way there along with every other place I'm writing about. I'll take plenty of pictures, some with me and some without me in them.

For those way too interested in my deadlines, yep I finished both books. The fourth book of the Club Botticelli series is done and in the hands on my editor. Book three in the Erotic Escapes in completed and sitting patiently in my EC editor's in-box. It was a freaky time and no I didn't hit the exact date, but I did get it in before the weekend was up.

My next project is the last (hooray...sniff sniff) book of my Club B series. Romancing Recee I'm both excited and reluctant to finish. I can't wait to see how it ends then again I don't want to say goodbye to my girls, Olivia, Emma, Briley, Trinity, and Recee. They've kept me laughing, screaming and almost in tears several times. Who knows maybe someone will pop out at me to keep the series going. I love writing romance because you never know what's or who's going to happen. 

On a personal summer over yet? The kids are out of school, it's been raining for weeks and one of us might not make it through the summer alive. I get it though, it's flipping hot out there. If I was their age I sure as hell wouldn't want to be stuck out there. There's too many things to do inside with nice cold A/C. Forget the summer and shove me straight into winter.

That's it for this week. I need to write, beat some kids and get a tan. Not to mention figure out a costume for a roaring twenties party for Romanticon. I'm thinking Greta Garbo with a little Katherine Hepburn thrown in. Maybe a pair of silk lounging pants, bolo jacket, slicked down hair, cigarette holder and plenty of pearls.

If anyone has better ideas feel free to e-mail me. Until next week...


Sunday, July 4, 2010

Happy Birthday America!!

This is a perfect holiday. No presents required, but vast amounts of food is mandatory. Hello, what can be better?
Okay, serious thought here for a minute. I know what this date represents to Americans all over the world. This is the birthday of the United States of America. The country that represents democracy to most of the world. Countless men and women have died to ensure we have the many freedoms we enjoy today. I am thankful for are military people for standing up for my rights. For ensuring I never worry about bombs or secret police attacking me in the middle of the night. They are the reason we enjoy our freedom of speech and many other rights we take for granted.
And now that you know where I stand on military support I'll move on to my love of a holiday that involves massive quantities of food and no crowded mall shopping. Love, love, love it.
So I'm am celebrating this wonderful day with my amazing friends. Nothing like getting together with like-minded insane writing companions to celebrate freedom of speech. We write romance for women. Very adult romance. I cannot imagine being able to write what I do without the constitution that protects me.
Getting together with my friends always an experience in insanity. We drink, we eat, we talk...too much and as always we plot new books. This time we came up with something new, fun and linked. I can't share the idea until we hand the final version to our amazing editor. As soon as they let me open my big mouth, I'll spill all the details.
I guess that's it for this week, people. I need to get back writing. So many books so little time. Until next week, people.


Monday, June 28, 2010

Summer, deadlines and other things I want to avoid.

Summer is hot. I hate sweating, but I love using the pool. However I think I'd be just as happy with a heated swimming pool in the middle of winter. You get the fun of swimming, maybe a tan without the three digit tempts. Who wouldn't love that?

Deadlines. I have a love/hate relationship with them. I love to see them go, but I hate to see them coming. However, I feel they are a fact of my life as a published writer. If I didn't have them then it would mean no one wanted to buy my books. Yikes, something I so don't want to see happen. So I live in semi-harmony with the various dates that come creeping up on me. This week I'm under double the pressure. I have two books to finish by the end of the week. Normally I'd mildly panic except I'm headed out of town this weekend. So I have fewer days to write than I'd like. Yes, I could have finished the books anytime before now, but what fun would that be. In case you're wondering what stories I'll be pounding out I'll tell you. The third book in my Erotic Escapes series, Bonded at Lake Baikal needs to be finished for my amazing  EC editor. The other is the fourth book in my Club Botticelli series over at Total E-Bound. I'm excited to see the first book hit the virtual stands next month. This has been such a fun series to write and I'll be sorry to see it end.

I had an amazing review from Whipped Cream reviews over at Long and Short. Thanks, Tiger Lily, for ready and loving my book. I actually blushed reading the review and I never blush. Check it out
So I'm off to finish my two books before I hit the road again. I'll be spending the 
weekend with three of my favorite people on the planet. Brenna Zinn, Desiree Holt and 
Cerise Deland. Their cooking. I'm doing dishes and bringing pre-cooked food. My friends
smart and know better than to let me near a stove or microwave. 
Until next week, gang, keep reading and keep cool.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Father's Day & how to say thanks.

I am very blessed to have a great father in my life. My dad has been there from day one, supporting, encouraging, and challenging me every day since. I can still remember sitting on the sidewalk in front of my childhood home waiting for my Daddy. Every day he'd act surprised to see me, thrilled to find a grimy girl and her faithful dog waiting sneakily (or so she thought). I get hugs, kisses and a piece of gum. No better present for a child. Sweet memories that can still make me tear up.

Years later I still think of my father as a hero. He's stood by me, even carried me through some of the worst moments of my life. Whenever I needed encouragement he kicked me in the butt. He's a man of strong honor and unbending values. I lucked out in the parent jackpot. I'm just thrilled I didn't get his ears or feet :)

That's not to say we didn't have a more than our share of fights and nasty words, but through it all I never doubted my father's love.
Unfortunately my Dad had to travel for work. Not just a night or two, we're talking months even years at a time. So my poor Mom was stuck raising my not so sane brother, sister and my perfect self.

We didn't have the conventional family life, but somehow my parents made it work for us. So to say thanks to my father I'd take him out to a fancy dinner, or buy the biggest card in the world, but none of that would mean much to him. My Dad would rather fire up the grill and have his family spend time with him. Laughing, screaming, crying and complaining so long as we're together my Dad's thankful.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

This week's blog

Well, gang, I've tried all day to come up with something funny and amusing to share with you, but I've got nothing. My beloved and cranky cat of fifteen years, Phoenix, died Thursday with almost no warning. Some people will mock, others will shake their heads and wonder about wasted emotions on an animal. Still others out there will grieve and cry with me. To those I say thank you. Thank you for knowing and understanding the joy and love our 'furry' children bring to our lives. I was so lucky to have been there when Phoenix was born and privileged to have been there to hold him when he died. It truly broke a piece of my heart to say goodbye to my only child. As in life my cat went out on his own terms and his own way.

Phoenix spent most of his life pissing people off. He was really good at that. Toward the end of his life he mellowed some. By that I mean if you bribed him with treats he'd let you touch him. My sister loved his gluttony as it's the only way he was ever nice to her. Me, on the other hand, I'd pick him up and love on him just to piss him off. He'd growl, jump from my arms and stick his tail up in the air. Ten minutes later he'd be back, jumping on top of me, just to show me who really was in charge.

Animals may never talk in a way humans understand, but they communicate with us all the same. I thank God for that because I knew even at the very end, my Phoennie knew I was there and I loved him.

So that's all for this week. Kiss and hug your four legged kids and remember what special blessings they really are. Truly gifts from God to love us so completely without boundaries or conditions.

Here's poem I think sums up everything. I'd give credit to the author but no one knows who it is.

The Last Battle
If it should be that I grow frail and weak
and pain should keep me from my sleep,
Then you must do what must be done,
For this--the last battle--can't be won.
You will be sad I understand,
Don't let grief then stay your hand,
For on this day, more than the rest,
Your love and friendship must stand the test.
We have had so many happy years,
What is to come can hold no fears
You'd not want me to suffer, so.
When the time comes, please let me go.
Take me to where to my needs they'll tend,
Only, stay with me til the end
And hold me firm and speak to me
Until my eyes no longer see.
I know in time you will agree
it is a kindness you do to me.
Although my tail its last has waved,
From pain and suffering I have been saved.
Don't grieve that it must be you
Who has to decide this thing to do;
We've been so close--we two--these years,
Don't let your heart hold any tears.
-Author Unknown

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Rainy Sunday

It's one of those days when I find it nearly impossible to motivate myself. The sky is cloudy and dark, the wind's blowing the chimes the crazy and it's a Sunday. The only thing I feel good for is laying in bed watching documentaries. I mean that a form of research, right? And we all know research is a form of work, so...if we get technical then I'm really working, not goofing off.
Whew, I love a conversation and logic strand that I bend around like a twisty pretzel to suit me :)Before I go to ...ahem...cough let's review my week. I've had ups, downs and moments of sanity. I shed the last as quickly as possible. Whoever heard of a lucid writer?

This week I managed not to beat, maim or kill anyone. Yay me! Oh you smirk do you? There were many many peoples in my home for the holiday. I like people, but at a distance and only for short periods of time. This many's like they were asking to be slaughtered. Painting bull eyes on their buttocks or something. But I prevailed and rewarded myself with a cookie and vanilla Diet Coke.

Tuesday came and went. I'm a little fuzzy on the details as I was still recovering from Monday. Wednesday I did things, not sure what, but I'm almost positive I was productive or at least looked it.No one has complained or accused me yet. Thursday I spent with my five year old nephew. We ate at CiCi's pizza. Then a trip to the mall which landed him two huge icing slathered cookies, a weird neon drink with a cup he can keep, a loud buzzing game and a large picture book of the world's most disgusting predictors! I sent the little darling to his mother on a sugar high, his lips dyed blue with a annoying game under one arm, glow in the dark tongue and a revolting play by play book of snakes, spiders, alligators and more devouring their prey. Needless to save I've been taken off the babysitting roaster for a while. Darn it.

Friday: not allowed to see nephew as he is still swinging from the ceiling fans and trying to saddle his dog. Sister is inventing new curse words to use on me. I feel loved and much satisfied. Good day.

Saturday...ack more people. Must be my punishment for sugar coma of five year old. Snuck out of the house on the pretense of having oil changed. Then remembered I needed my oil changed so had to do it anywhere. Good news found b-day card and present at oil change place. Saved me two different trips. Classy car place. LMAO

For those of you who think I completely wasted my day I'll have you know I did work as well. I finished two sets of edits for two different books and publishers. I wrote a blurb for three books and harassed my friends who won't answer me on e-mails, phone calls or text messages. Some would say it's stalking. I call it determined love.

Now I sit here still mainlining coffee, coming up with some really great excuses not to write. I'm sure I'll come up with something amazing or at least half ass believable. Until then I have to write.

Please share your week and the wonderful reasons why you can't do whatever it is you're supposed to be doing. I always need backup plans :)

Until next week or my new tangent, keep cool and stay wet:


Thursday, June 3, 2010

Review for Twenty-Four Hours

My first review for Twenty-Four Hours is here from Night Owl reviews! Wow, who knew a book written on a dare could be so much fun? Thanks again to Desiree Holt for issuing the challenge and helping me push my writing boundaries. So without further blathering on my part here it is. My first solo EC review...Snoopy dancing with a cold bottle of vodka.

Jun 03, 2010


Ellora's Cave


eBook: $2.49



Author: Allie Standifer Website
Genre: Spicy RomanceCougar - OW, YM
Read an Excerpt

I enjoyed reading this novella by Ms. Standifer. It’s part of Ellora’s Cave Quickies series and is a fast read that took me about an hour or so.  The tone is light and it was easy to read.
I liked the character of Courtney Museo; she’s a successful businesswoman with her own company and also works hard at staying in shape physically and in maintaining her appearance. She realizes that she may at some point want to have some cosmetic surgery to keep her appearance youthful but is not distressed by it. She can also laugh at herself and realizes that she is somewhat vain. She’s very attracted to her assistant, Mason Jeffries, who is only 28 years of age compared to her 41. Courtney has refused to act on their mutual attraction on the basis of their age difference; however, her little mishap with the tanning bed puts her at his mercy.
Mason Jeffries is an interesting hero; he’s young, attractive and intelligent. He’s also been lusting after Courtney and has flirted with her to no avail. He gets an opportunity to spend time with her away from work and jumps at the chance to prove to her that he’s not too young for her and that what they have is more than a physical attraction.   He’s known for some time that he is in love with her. He’s also quite sexual and has quite a bit of stamina.
This is a very hot book. The sex is scorching and I do need to advise that there is both anal play and anal sex in this book, so if that is a hot button for you- be advised. The story is very well written and is fast paced due to its short length; however, things are resolved in a very satisfactory manner.

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Blogging on the holiday

My family and circle of friends celebrated Memorial day today. We had former FBI, Airforce, Army and of course Marines. These men now work in various fields all over the world, some are even retired. But they never stop being warriors that served our country and paved the way for my freedom.

So this week's blog is nothing more than a simple thank you to all those past, present and future who are willing to shed their blood and give their lives so that I may enjoy the basic freedom's of life.

Thank you, Ladies and Gentlemen of the U.S. military. You have my undying and eternal gratitude.

God Bless America and the men and women who defend her.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Techno Slut

Hello my name is Allie and I am a gadget groupie. I love buttons, whistles and all things shiny. I own Ipods, Blu-Ray, Wii, Xm radio, GPS, digital cameras, laptop and everything else I can get my hands on. My next wish list item is the Ipad. Oh yummy and yay. I can't wait to get my fashionably manicured hands on that one. I watch movies on my Ipod touch right now and yes the screen is kind of small, so bigger is better. I guess I'm turning into an Apple whore. It started innocently enough with my first Ipod, the the Ipod touch. I moved into the big league with my MacBook Pro. Now I hear the siren's lure of the Ipad calling my name. Along with a list of accessories to buy as well. Nothing is the land of Apple is cheap, but at least the products are made to last unlike some other high tech items I could name.

For those of you not in the know, I'm finally back in Texas after an extended (almost six weeks) time away. Whew, I love to travel, but I hate packing. Of course I hate unpacking too. Guess there's no pleasing me :) It's good to be back, but I sure as heck didn't miss the humidity. It's like stepping into a pot of gumbo just walking out the backdoor. Getting into the pool doesn't help either. The water's so warm you might as well be taking a bath, all that's missing is a rubber duck and loofah sponge.

I was lucky enough to spend a few days with good friends Delilah Devlin and Shayla Kersten. BTW, I can be bribed to share their personal information :) We laughed, ate and drank plenty of bottled water from Mountain Valley Spring Water. This water is bottled straight at the source which is very important if you're water. The rest of the impostors are transported with tanker trucks to their bottling locations. Yep, I didn't know that much about water until I talked with Shayla. Now I know the difference  between good water and good water gone bad.

I had a lovely visit, slept in an amazing bed and didn't wake up scratching. Love at first snore. I'm planning a trip back up there so I can take in the hot springs and other natural beauty of the area. Plus, it doesn't hurt to have good friends to spend time with.

I'm staying put for the month of June. Whew! My butt is dragging and I owe editors completed books. Editors are scary people if you try and miss a deadline, something I make sure to never, ever do.

Speaking of deadline I've got three looming over me. I need to get busy, but can't seem to get into the writing rhythm again. Maybe I'm still tired from traveling all over the southeast part of the country? Then again it doesn't matter one way or another, deadline is deadline and I need to get busy.

Did I mention I sold another story to Ellora's Cave? It's called After The Music and I'll let you know release dates and all that when I do.

I'm walking away from the computer for a while. Maybe get my writing mojo back until then take it easy and stay cool.


Sunday, May 16, 2010

Roses Colored Glasses Newsletter is OUT and other things.

For those of you not in the know, I belong to Roses COlored Glasses a writers helping writers sort of loop. They do everything and can answer just about any question you have. Best of all joining their loop is free. Best selling authors Deliah Devlin, Elle James, Desiree Holt and Shayla Kersten are just a few of the names you'll find there. These women are really amazing and eager to help new writers find their foot in the new world of romance writing.

As for my personal life...I'm moving on again. Not a day too soon for me. My bed literally had bed bugs YUCK!! I still can't get the smell of smoke out of my clothes and other things. On the plus side my mini Keurig makes great coffee. I think I'm addicted to Green Mountain Coffee brand Island Coconut. Yummy stuff. Of course I think anything with caffeine is awesome :) I dread the day someone comes up with a twelve step program for people like me.

Latest news: Desiree Holt and I sold the third book in our Turn Up The Heat series, Singed. Picture me doing the happy dance while driving on TN 24W. Yep, I needed that good news. Then when I got back to the bedbug infestation ie my hotel I found another e-mail from my adorable, witty and most brilliant editor at EC telling me my second book in Erotic Escapes, Pleasure Me In Petra, has sold as well. Talk about making a bad day great. This time I fully did the Snoopy dance in my room. I think a few of the bedbugs started a conga line in celebration. A wild night was had by all, I think I even passed my nine thirty bedtime. It's a wild life I lead here in the middle of nowhere with invicible biting bugs as my only company. Can you blame me for wanting to spend time with semi-normal semi-sane people like my friends? At least they won't bite me without warning.

It's raining again here. My lovely pink and white rubber boots are making a statement. I really don't notice the snickers and muffled laughter as I pass by. Besides I like to think the men are jealous and the women just envying my style :) Yeah, I delude myself a lot. It keeps me entertained and out of jail.

I think that's it for this week. I need to Febreeze the room again then start packing a few things up. Anyone know what laundry room manners are? Do you wait for the clothes? Do you offer to share soap? Can you leave your things there? Do you have to talk with fellow washers? Most important, can you beg friends to allow you use of their machines while you visit their home? Yep, I think I'm taking the last option. I don't play well with others when it comes to clothes and money.

Hope everyone has a wonderful week, stay safe, stay happy and most of all stray a little from sanity.


Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Bed Hopping

The past two months or so have kept me busy with travel and writing. I haven't managed to sleep in the same bed for more than two nights in a row. I miss my bed. Normally I'd miss my coffee pot, but I brought it with me. Yep, I'm that addicted, but that's a whole 'nother blog.
This week I'm celebrating the release of my first solo Quickie with Ellora's Cave this Friday. Twenty-Four Hours is all about discovering a new side to someone you thought you already knew. Very hot and sexy. I can't wait to hear what you think.
I'm sitting in yet another hotel room listening to the rain pour outside and wondering when if I'll ever dry out. Too bad my day job requires me to stomp through the mud and muck no matter what the weather. Good news is I have a very cute pair of pink and white polka dot rubber boots. Always make a statement, I say. Plus. it gives them something to talk about.
I've got some really great news from my editor over at EC. Desiree Holt & I have sold the third book, Singed, in our Turn Up The Heat Series. Also I've sold the second book in my Erotic Escapes series, Pleasure Me In Petra, to Ellora's Cave. It's been a great month for me and my writing. Not to mention spending face time with some really great friends.
The next project is the fourth book with Desiree Holt and the third book in Erotic Escapes. So many plots, so little time, but I can't think of a thing I'd rather be doing.

Short post as work calls and I need to get busy. People to pester, hay fields to drive through and wild life to run from. Ahh what a glamous life I lead.


Monday, May 3, 2010

I survived Nature!!

So I made it through my weekend in the Texas Hill Country. The Wild Rose Press held it's writing retreat and I had a blast. First off I stayed in the Wyatt Earp room that's supposed to haunted. From the noises that woke me up on and off Saturday night I'm thinking they're right. Nothing creepy, but highly interesting.
Brenna Zinn and I did our co-writing workshop. I think it went well as no one threw frogs or rotten fruit at me. I'm pretty easy to please in that manner.
My Scarlett Rose Editor Diana did her own workshop and a good time was had by all. The idea behind her workshop was to jump start the muse. A button, CD, bracelet, cracker, note clip and a bottle of bubbles. What do these items have in common? They were all in my brown bag and I had to write a short story that included all the items. The second bag contained a triple A battery, plastic fork, fly catcher, safety pin, and again a bottle of bubbles. Fifteen minutes was the time limit and it shows in my writing. My notebook looks like a drunk first grader wrote it. The spelling isn't that much better. Just goes to show you how dependent I am on my computer's spell check.
So to get your Monday started off right I'm going to put my hard earned work here for all of you to read. There are two parts to the story, but I'm combining both of them here. I'll separate them to give you an idea of the difficulty of this project.

Invasion Of Evil Frogs From Outer Space
By: Allie Standifer

Diana slowly ate the stale cracker while waiting for the Elvin bracelet dangling innocently on her slim wrist to light up. Nikki's note, clipped in its holder had her stomach and hands clenching in nervous anticipation.
Jumping from the bar stoll the button on her pink catsuit caught on the chair's saddle horn and fell to the floor with a soft ping. Frustration and fear grew as she jammed her favorite CD in and cranked the music up. The wild Polka beat filled the empty space as Diana's pulse pounded with fearful energy.
Her fingers nervously twirled a strand of long silver and pink hair that had fallen loose from her pony tail.
Could the prophesy be come true, in the middle of nowhere, TX? The writing on the note burned into her mind.
Pender's Frogs were finally making their move to enslave the world under their influence of evil. Only the bubble of Avalon could stop the invasion of the devil's minions, but would the magic potion arrive in time? Or were they forever doomed to live under the dominion of the slime monsters?

2nd Bag
"Diane?" Boch interrupted her thoughts. "We've found another way to stop the frog horde."
Heart afraid to hope, she looked over at her green haired leprechaun lover. "We're running out of time. New York, New Orleans and Padre Island have already fallen."
"They didn't have this," Boch protested holding a green fly catcher in his hand.
Her pale slim hand flew to her throat in a nervous gesture. "Will it work?"
He lifted a green brow. "Austin took back the city using these attached to a fork and powered with a triple A battery."
"Boch, we're saved. The evil Pender's forces won't be able to defeat your brillance."
"I know," he smugly told her. "Let's have sex to celebrate. I've come prepared."
In the center of his lightly green tinged palm Boch held out a familiar blue packet and white tipped safety pin.
Diana's heart raced in raw desire. "You know me so well." In one swift tug the catsuit minus a button fell to the floor.
Boch mirrored her actions then used his teeth to tear open the foil.
Looking down Diana flinched. "My God," she exclaimed, "will it fit?"
Boch only laughed and said, "That's what the bubbles are for, baby."

Yeah, I know it's no Desiree Holt, but for the amount of time I had I didn't suck too bad. Be sure and let me know what you think. Have a great week people!


Sunday, April 25, 2010

What makes a hero

This question has been pinging around my brain since last week's post. Really, what makes a man make us sit up and take notice. A man that doesn't even exist outside of a writer's imagination? What is it that makes us long for this certain man to be real, to exist side by side with us in our world?
I like to think it's more than a handsome face and buff body. Those things are nice, but kind of like eating icing without the cake. There's always something missing. I know when I write my heroes I create them with flaws. Short temper, stubborn sense of always being right or the naive belief they don't need anyone in their life. Flaws, I think, create the character, ads layers and depth to an otherwise one dimensional piece of fiction. 
A few traits I've noticed over and over again have made me think these are what draws us in as readers and women. The first is dependability. A man you can count on when the world's exploding around you, a vampire is about to rip out your throat or a Regency baron is about to slice your head off with a sword. No matter the time period, the setting or the general genre men with the ability to come through are a turn on. The foster sense of trust and safety that aren't easily found in reality.
The second thing I've noticed is a sense on honor. You know what I mean. The highway man that refuses to allow a child to be beaten. Or a cop that rescues an abandoned dog on the side of the highway. The werewolf that refuses to release his beast on the innocent.
Third is loyalty which I guess could be the same as being dependable, but not quite the same. The perfect or the memorable hero has loyalty in spades. A code of conduct that cannot be broken. He's there for his friends, family and anyone he persevere as being weaker than him. Not to mention fidelity to his chosen lady. Is anything sexier than that?
So that's my opinion on the top three qualties on what makes a remarkable hero. As well as what goes into being a male character in one of my books. And yeah a hot body and sexy face don't hurt either.
Until next time have a great week!


Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Hooked on Ranger

Yeah, I know people will be throwing popcorn and more at me for saying that, but I can't help it. I'm Plum fan now and chewing my nails waiting for Stephanie to get together with Ranger. Why not? He's hot, he's always protecting her. Hell, he's never said a word about all the cars she's blown up or destroyed. It takes a strong man to keep his mouth closed when hundred thousand dollar cars are flattened. Not to mention watching her walk away every night.
Joe never asks. He's never really there for her other than sex and clean laundry. I won't even go into scary Grandma Bella. Freaky deaky!!

All away.

Done yet? Look it's not like I don't get the Joe attraction. Joe is tall, dark and sexy. He's great in bed, he doesn't expect her to cook and he loves his dog. What's not to love? But he leaves me feeling a bit on the lonely side. He's never there for her. He pretty much just shakes his head and goes on his way.

Only two imaginary male characters have ever grab me by the throat. The first is Roarke by J.D. Robb. The second just happens to be Ranger. Strong, confident powerful men are who love completely are the sexiest thing I've ever seen. That's what makes them so popular with readers the world over. Fictional characters with real world attributes.

I only hope my hero have part of the soul of those two men. Because they are what makes writing so much fun.

I look forward to hearing the comments. Just play nice with the language. I damage easily.


Monday, April 12, 2010

Slacking off

I have discovered the wonderful world of computer games. Oh yes, I'm a late bloomer when it comes to this topic. I knew games were out there, but I could never be bothered with them. Ha! Look what jumped up and bit me on the left cheek. I'm into games. Spent all day playing them. It's addicting and I may need some sort of step program. To clear a few things up before you ask, no I'm not into role playing or dice or whatever else is floating out there. Blowing things up doesn't do a thing for me. Nor do I enjoy running around killing virtual people, monsters or robots. I like geek games. Hidden objects, word puzzles, gem stones and all that.
It's sad that I've fallen so far, but come on there are so many free games and apps out there it makes it impossible to say no. It makes it even more impossible to write. Considering I have deadlines that is a really really bad thing.
So I've chosen to limit myself to playing games on my Ipod. No more taking up precious space on my MacBook. If I go through withdraws I'll be sure to whine and complain about it here. If anyone has a favorite hidden objects or treasure hunt game let me know. I promise to keep on the Ipod and away from my work area :)
Speaking of work I actual have been doing some of that stuff. Finished two new books with the great and talented Desiree Holt. They've been shipped to our editor and I'll be starting book three in the series today. When we hear back from her I'll be sure to let the rest of you know when, where and what.
No, I have not finished Wishes, Kisses, and Corpses. Yes, I'm a loser and slacker. Please, keep the mocking to a minimum. I'm delicate that way :) I will, however, have to finish it by the end of the month of face the wrath of the mighty Desiree Holt. I'll be staying with her right after RT. If I don't have it done...well let's just say she's a creative woman and would have no problems hiding the body. Remember me fondly if this should happen and lift a Diet Coke in my honor.
On to brighter news: The third book in the Club Botticelli series has been contracted with Total E-Bound. The book, Beguiling Briley, ended up a bit longer than I expected, but I feel its the best one yet. Look at my website for more information on the series and the individual books.
Also for those of you interested I'll be at the Wild Rose Press retreat in Bandera, TX at the end of the month. I'll be giving a workshop on the joys and miseries of co-writing. Come by and say hi if your in the neighborhood. Better yet sign up for a four day conference with horse back riding, good food and great people. I'll be there with Brenna Zinn Saturday doing our workshop. I'd love for you to stop by and say hi.
That's it for now. I'll head back to my work in progress and ignore the lure of my hidden objects games. Ahh, the temptation.

Kudos, Allie

Sunday, March 28, 2010

The Art of Writing

Someone recently told me how lucky I was to be a writer. After all, what could be easier than working in my jammies and not really working. HA, if this person hadn't been a VIP to someone important to me I would have stood up and walked away at the very least.
Here's a hint for those not in the know. Writing is hard work, very hard work. It takes dedication, perseverance and commitment. Not to mention talent and very thick skin. Bad reviews, scalding rejections all take their tolls, but a writer keeps true to themselves and their characters.
It's not so much the need to get published though there is that, but it's almost a compulsion to write out the stories in their heads. The twists and turns of each plot take over our minds and lives until we have no choice, but to commit the tale to paper. To give it life and watch it grow.
Working from home isn't easy. There are tons of distractions with family, friends and strangers all dropping by, calling or making their presence known one way or another. Most don't understand or don't want to understand that work is really work and you can't just walk away to go shopping or out to lunch. 'You can do it later'. Yeah, because free time just falls from trees in a writer's world.
With so many other things going on in our lives, sitting down at the computer takes a concentrated effort. Yes, there are many other things I'd rather do on a sunny Spring day, but I make myself sit there and write about whatever storyline is going on in my head.
It all boils down to this if I don't write I don't get paid. The end. Like everyone else on the planet I have bills. In order to pay these bills I need income. My income just happens to come from one of the greatest jobs in the world, writing. So I write to give life to my characters and to pay those pesky bills.
Next time you think the writer's life is simple and easy try this. Go to your computer, sit down and write something. Not anything big, maybe just a thousand words. How long did it take? Does the story flow? Do your characters have dimension? Will readers be able to identify with them? Will they love the hero and cheer for the heroine?
If you answered no to any of these questions, tough luck, you need to start over. Now doesn't that suck?
Welcome to the easy world of being a writer.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

New Blog, New Topic & Same old me

Either I've seen the light or just got tired of hearing friends tell me how old & tired MySpace is. So here I am with a new blog and a new look. This will change as I get better at playing with layouts, fonts and such. Give me enough time and who knows where I'll end up.

To play catch up for those of you not following me in ghetto land:

Club Botticelli series: The first book, Ordering Olivia, will be released sometime in August. Enticing Emma, the sequel, will follow a month or so later. Beguiling Briley is in the hands of my Total E-Bound Editor. I'll let you know what I know when I know it. Teasing Trinity is in baby steps right now. Only a page or two written, but so far she's already bleeding people with her sharp tongue.

The amazing Desiree Holt and I are one again teaming up to write together. This time we're tackling a family trilogy. Very hot, very steamy and very fun to write. If you haven't caught it before, our steamy V-Day offering, Seductive Illusions, is up for sale at Ellora's Cave. Our next release, Kidnapping The Groom, will be available on April 30. It's our take on female power and never piss a good woman off.

Right now I knee deep in my own project, Wishes, Kisses, & Corpses. Is it wrong to have so much fun torturing my characters?I mean really, the hero is all set to take it home & I throw in every obstacle I can think of. Just because it's fun...for me at least. I want to see how much torture a man can take before his head starts spinning and nasty pea soup spit out of his mouth.

Brenna Zinn and I are also have a very good time poking at the characters in our collaborated work. She'd never had a writing partner before...probably never will again after me! I love my work and I'm so good at it, too.

Hmmm, New Orleans was amazing. The perfect time of year to go when the humidity doesn't kill you just stepping outside. I bought too much junk for the kiddos, ate too many times at Cafe Dumond. I met great people, spent time with one of my favorite's, Desiree Holt and in general ran around like a fool. 

As I said before, to those of you who asked, Vegas is a blur. Can't remember a thing. Guess what happens there, really stays there, huh? 

So anyway, welcome to the new blog. Please stop calling me ghetto girl behind my back now that I've changed blogs. Comment away I can handle it  :)