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Sunday, June 6, 2010

Rainy Sunday

It's one of those days when I find it nearly impossible to motivate myself. The sky is cloudy and dark, the wind's blowing the chimes the crazy and it's a Sunday. The only thing I feel good for is laying in bed watching documentaries. I mean that a form of research, right? And we all know research is a form of work, so...if we get technical then I'm really working, not goofing off.
Whew, I love a conversation and logic strand that I bend around like a twisty pretzel to suit me :)Before I go to ...ahem...cough let's review my week. I've had ups, downs and moments of sanity. I shed the last as quickly as possible. Whoever heard of a lucid writer?

This week I managed not to beat, maim or kill anyone. Yay me! Oh you smirk do you? There were many many peoples in my home for the holiday. I like people, but at a distance and only for short periods of time. This many's like they were asking to be slaughtered. Painting bull eyes on their buttocks or something. But I prevailed and rewarded myself with a cookie and vanilla Diet Coke.

Tuesday came and went. I'm a little fuzzy on the details as I was still recovering from Monday. Wednesday I did things, not sure what, but I'm almost positive I was productive or at least looked it.No one has complained or accused me yet. Thursday I spent with my five year old nephew. We ate at CiCi's pizza. Then a trip to the mall which landed him two huge icing slathered cookies, a weird neon drink with a cup he can keep, a loud buzzing game and a large picture book of the world's most disgusting predictors! I sent the little darling to his mother on a sugar high, his lips dyed blue with a annoying game under one arm, glow in the dark tongue and a revolting play by play book of snakes, spiders, alligators and more devouring their prey. Needless to save I've been taken off the babysitting roaster for a while. Darn it.

Friday: not allowed to see nephew as he is still swinging from the ceiling fans and trying to saddle his dog. Sister is inventing new curse words to use on me. I feel loved and much satisfied. Good day.

Saturday...ack more people. Must be my punishment for sugar coma of five year old. Snuck out of the house on the pretense of having oil changed. Then remembered I needed my oil changed so had to do it anywhere. Good news found b-day card and present at oil change place. Saved me two different trips. Classy car place. LMAO

For those of you who think I completely wasted my day I'll have you know I did work as well. I finished two sets of edits for two different books and publishers. I wrote a blurb for three books and harassed my friends who won't answer me on e-mails, phone calls or text messages. Some would say it's stalking. I call it determined love.

Now I sit here still mainlining coffee, coming up with some really great excuses not to write. I'm sure I'll come up with something amazing or at least half ass believable. Until then I have to write.

Please share your week and the wonderful reasons why you can't do whatever it is you're supposed to be doing. I always need backup plans :)

Until next week or my new tangent, keep cool and stay wet:


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