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Thursday, June 3, 2010

Review for Twenty-Four Hours

My first review for Twenty-Four Hours is here from Night Owl reviews! Wow, who knew a book written on a dare could be so much fun? Thanks again to Desiree Holt for issuing the challenge and helping me push my writing boundaries. So without further blathering on my part here it is. My first solo EC review...Snoopy dancing with a cold bottle of vodka.

Jun 03, 2010


Ellora's Cave


eBook: $2.49



Author: Allie Standifer Website
Genre: Spicy RomanceCougar - OW, YM
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I enjoyed reading this novella by Ms. Standifer. It’s part of Ellora’s Cave Quickies series and is a fast read that took me about an hour or so.  The tone is light and it was easy to read.
I liked the character of Courtney Museo; she’s a successful businesswoman with her own company and also works hard at staying in shape physically and in maintaining her appearance. She realizes that she may at some point want to have some cosmetic surgery to keep her appearance youthful but is not distressed by it. She can also laugh at herself and realizes that she is somewhat vain. She’s very attracted to her assistant, Mason Jeffries, who is only 28 years of age compared to her 41. Courtney has refused to act on their mutual attraction on the basis of their age difference; however, her little mishap with the tanning bed puts her at his mercy.
Mason Jeffries is an interesting hero; he’s young, attractive and intelligent. He’s also been lusting after Courtney and has flirted with her to no avail. He gets an opportunity to spend time with her away from work and jumps at the chance to prove to her that he’s not too young for her and that what they have is more than a physical attraction.   He’s known for some time that he is in love with her. He’s also quite sexual and has quite a bit of stamina.
This is a very hot book. The sex is scorching and I do need to advise that there is both anal play and anal sex in this book, so if that is a hot button for you- be advised. The story is very well written and is fast paced due to its short length; however, things are resolved in a very satisfactory manner.

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