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Sunday, August 22, 2010

On the road again

Yep, I hit the blue skies and landed in the great state of IL. So far so good. Forgive me for what is sure to be a short post, but it's been a very long day. I'm pooped and have an even longer day ahead of me tomorrow. I'll be sure to find a new hotel with free wi-fi so I can add to this post later in the week.
Don't forget Enticing Emma, the second Club Botticelli, is out tomorrow at Total E-Bound. For those of you who loved Ordering Olivia be sure to grab Emma's story. What's better than an alpha male that refuses to walk away from the only woman's he's ever loved? Yummy, I know. So check it out and let me know if you love Brock and Emma's story as much as I loved writing it.
Until later people...Kudos,

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