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Sunday, August 8, 2010

Missing Week

And again I've skipped a week, but hey it's summer. There's a pool outside calling my name, the kids are out of school and it's too hot to do anything. Too bad I have to work...pesky bills to pay and all that.
I have been busy...really. Last week I attended a wonderful birthday party for my mom's best-friend, Barbara. Had a great time until they threw me in the kitchen. Tammie wanted me to cook or at least attempt it. Me? Kitchen? Cook? Does anyone else see something wrong with this picture. Ahh the struggles I have in life. Finally I grabbed the knife and smooshed the garlic. Whew, no one ever told me how sticky and stinky the little buggers are. Yuck!
Then my brilliant little mind ended up spending three days stuck outside my house because I have fleas in the house. Yep, I'd bomb the room I got bit in then spend the day out in the pool. Go in get bit in a different room, bomb again the next day and so on. Today was finally the last day...I hope. Geesh why is it so hard to kill these little buggers? If I get hit by the blood squad again I think I'll move. It's got to be easier than this. 
This week's going to be just as busy. I have meetings out of town for the day job then another birthday. Because I'm clever and know my family I've convinced the b-day girl to insist on kabobs with corn on the cob, Crave cupcakes and not much else :) I'm so evil it's scary. But really what idiot wants to stand outside in the Texas sun and cook over a BBQ pit? I'd rather sit in the pool with a cool drink and toss kids around in the water.
In between all that fun I have writing to do or else my writing partner, Desiree Holt, will be kicking my butt all over Texas. She's not the only one. Deadlines are pressing down and I've got to get busy. It's just there's so many plots, characters and so little time.
I promise to do better and have a more interesting blog next week. Right now I'm just pooped. Between the fleas and the sun I need a nap :)
Until next week...

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