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Sunday, July 25, 2010

Club Botticelli

Yeah, yeah I know I missed last week's blog. There is a perfect excuse. I had jury duty... very heavy weight hanging over my head. Yes, I believe in doing my civic duty. I've served on several trials in the past and always do my best to be open-minded and honest. This time however past experiences prevented me from accepted. Nope, can't get into the details except to say driving under the influence in any circumstances is breaking the law. There is no excuse for it and you should go to jail. And that's my Point of View.
Moving on to happy news. The first book of my Club Botticelli series, Ordering Olivia, will be released tomorrow at Total E-Bound. Yay!! I'm so excited to see this book come out. There's nothing better than see something you envisioned from idea to completion come true. It's really perfect since I'm in the middle of writing the fifth and last book of the series. Wow, I can't believe the ride is almost over and I'm having so much fun with it.
Never fear as I've sold the third book in the Erotic Escapes series, Snared in Siberia, to Ellora's Cave. Yes, this is the book formally known as Bonded in Lake Baikal. I'll fill you in more later when I have release details and cover art.
There's more coming up this month, so to be a surprise & others I'm waiting on the info to share.
So that's it for this week news. Hope everyone has a great week & be sure to let me know what you think of Ordering Olivia.

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