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Sunday, July 11, 2010

New Releases and stuff

Tease Me In Tunisia is finally out at Ellora's Cave! This is the first of my Erotic Escapes series. Yay! Love writing this series, it's such a blast researching all these fun and exciting places. My bookcase has more than three shelves filled from end to end with travel books, World Heritage Site books, unforgettable places, once in a lifetime trips and lost lands. There really is something exotic and erotic about places and people so different from our own. You learn about their history, religion, culture and (yummy) food.
Tunisia is an amazing place, filled with culture, history and yep food. Here's some little known facts about this amazing city and people. There's the Amphitheater of ElJem. This amazing piece of history is from the 3rd century and can seat over 60,000 people. It's now part of the World Heritage Site conservation efforts due to its construction and as a example of Roman imperial ego.
Dougga is a ruin northern part of the country. It's been preserved because UNESCO believes it's one of the best preserved small town in North Africa. Dougga’s size, its well-preserved monuments and its rich with history make it exceptional. Amongst the most famous monuments at the site are a Punic-Libyan mausoleum, the capitol, the theatre, and the temples of Saturn.
I'll stop going on about this amazing city, but before I do three more drops of info. Hannibal's elephants were supposed to have traveled through the city.  Last but not least the medina of Tunis. This is where the main mosque of Tunis, Zitouna, is located. Zitouna means olive tree, and comes from the mosque's founder and Koran teacher. The amazing building was erected in ninth century. The last piece of amazement is Carthage, one of the most famous historic sites of the Roman Empire.

Makes you want to grab your passport, leave your kids and head for the nearest airport. Auhhh, one of these days I'll make my way there along with every other place I'm writing about. I'll take plenty of pictures, some with me and some without me in them.

For those way too interested in my deadlines, yep I finished both books. The fourth book of the Club Botticelli series is done and in the hands on my editor. Book three in the Erotic Escapes in completed and sitting patiently in my EC editor's in-box. It was a freaky time and no I didn't hit the exact date, but I did get it in before the weekend was up.

My next project is the last (hooray...sniff sniff) book of my Club B series. Romancing Recee I'm both excited and reluctant to finish. I can't wait to see how it ends then again I don't want to say goodbye to my girls, Olivia, Emma, Briley, Trinity, and Recee. They've kept me laughing, screaming and almost in tears several times. Who knows maybe someone will pop out at me to keep the series going. I love writing romance because you never know what's or who's going to happen. 

On a personal summer over yet? The kids are out of school, it's been raining for weeks and one of us might not make it through the summer alive. I get it though, it's flipping hot out there. If I was their age I sure as hell wouldn't want to be stuck out there. There's too many things to do inside with nice cold A/C. Forget the summer and shove me straight into winter.

That's it for this week. I need to write, beat some kids and get a tan. Not to mention figure out a costume for a roaring twenties party for Romanticon. I'm thinking Greta Garbo with a little Katherine Hepburn thrown in. Maybe a pair of silk lounging pants, bolo jacket, slicked down hair, cigarette holder and plenty of pearls.

If anyone has better ideas feel free to e-mail me. Until next week...


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