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Sunday, August 15, 2010

It's Sunday again

I made it on a Sunday! Yay me even coming in from a road trip. The weekend went great & the birthday girl had a amazing party complete with everything she wanted. So as long as she's happy, I'm happy.

Here's some funny, yet happy news. I met a fantastic lady and her husband at a local B&N when I flew through town for a quick in and out visit. They had some great stories and I enjoyed meeting with them. I think if we'd stayed in the store any longer we'd have been tossed out. Nothing I love more than meeting readers that love books as much as I do. Next time I blow through town I hope to meet up with them again.

This week is dedicated to getting stuff together for Romanticon baskets. I'll have three to auction off. One all by my lonesome, the second with the amazing Desiree Holt & the last with all the talented authors in my editor's loop. Funny enough my editor loves frogs as much as I hate/fear them. So of course the idea behind the basket is squirmy little green evil buggers. Why me? Oh yeah, I love my editor. Damn the luck.

Friday also saw the release of the second book in my Erotic Escapes series, Pleasure Me in Petra. I can't wait to see what everyone thinks of it. I had a blast writing it & it's longer than anything I've written lately.
A woman down on men & a man who has nothing in common with this woman. Two people brought together by fate & the mystical meddling of three immortal matchmakers. Check out what happens after dark in the once lost city of Petra when two people come together in a clash of desire and need.
Be sure to let me know what you think. Until next week, people.

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