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Monday, August 9, 2010

Here I go again

Yep, I'm here again. And aren't you lucky I'm posting twice in one week. Mostly due to irritation, summer heat and fugly looking toe nails. Seriously what's up with people and their yellow cracked toes? For under twenty bucks any man, woman, or child can get their toes done at the nearest pedi/mani salon. There's no reason in the world for you to walk around with chipped, fugly toes. I get it if you're broke, have political or religious bans on pedis. Yay for you, but for the rest of us who have to eat around near you, cover those nasty suckers up. Wear closed toed shoes, socks, something to hide the hideous condition of those little piggies. I'm not asking just for myself, think of the children. They'll be scared for life.
Whew, I feel better. If I've scared one person into the nearest Tic Tac Toe then I can sleep easy.
Had lunch with my Dad today which means I was forced out of bed way too early. I'm a night owl, I don't do sunrise unless I've stayed up all night and come trapping home as the sun comes up. So we met. I actually got there before him, a first for me :) I mainlined caffeine with coffee and Diet Coke. Ordered my breakfast, but forgot to ask our delightful waitperson to hold the berries. I'm allergic to red dye. Makes me hyper then I crash with a two day migraine. Since I forgot to mention it the berry goop was scrapped off my fluffy pancake. Smiling Sam came over asked what was wrong I explained. The next thing I know my plate disappeared along with my eggs, bacon & fruit. Bang! She's back with a new plate, new pancake and new everything. You could see my Dad almost crying in gratitude. Hey, I'm really not that bad, my Dad's just an emotional softie...NOT! So I've had no dye, not enough coffee and shoved out of bed way too early.
Has anyone seen this thing? Bark Off? 2 for 10? Keeps your dog from barking or trains him when to bark? Or something like that. What will we think of next? Useless crap that millions will buy then toss in the junk drawer within a week. Not that I have all that much room to talk, I've got my own drawer full of crap.
Sorry TV is on and the commercial popped out at me.
Today I'm determined to get the first chapter in the next Turn Up The Heat series done. I hate feeling like something is hanging over me. Makes me feel all freaked out and pressured, but it's no one's fault except my own.
And for those of you wondering, yes I forgot my to bomb another room. Some days it doesn't pay to open the coffin. Now I've got to flea bomb the very last room in the house and hang out another day outside. Hopefully I'll still have enough energy to get my work done.
I'm done for now or at least until I can think of something else to flip me out :)


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