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Sunday, April 25, 2010

What makes a hero

This question has been pinging around my brain since last week's post. Really, what makes a man make us sit up and take notice. A man that doesn't even exist outside of a writer's imagination? What is it that makes us long for this certain man to be real, to exist side by side with us in our world?
I like to think it's more than a handsome face and buff body. Those things are nice, but kind of like eating icing without the cake. There's always something missing. I know when I write my heroes I create them with flaws. Short temper, stubborn sense of always being right or the naive belief they don't need anyone in their life. Flaws, I think, create the character, ads layers and depth to an otherwise one dimensional piece of fiction. 
A few traits I've noticed over and over again have made me think these are what draws us in as readers and women. The first is dependability. A man you can count on when the world's exploding around you, a vampire is about to rip out your throat or a Regency baron is about to slice your head off with a sword. No matter the time period, the setting or the general genre men with the ability to come through are a turn on. The foster sense of trust and safety that aren't easily found in reality.
The second thing I've noticed is a sense on honor. You know what I mean. The highway man that refuses to allow a child to be beaten. Or a cop that rescues an abandoned dog on the side of the highway. The werewolf that refuses to release his beast on the innocent.
Third is loyalty which I guess could be the same as being dependable, but not quite the same. The perfect or the memorable hero has loyalty in spades. A code of conduct that cannot be broken. He's there for his friends, family and anyone he persevere as being weaker than him. Not to mention fidelity to his chosen lady. Is anything sexier than that?
So that's my opinion on the top three qualties on what makes a remarkable hero. As well as what goes into being a male character in one of my books. And yeah a hot body and sexy face don't hurt either.
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  1. Flawed characters are definitely more interesting. Who wants to read about the perfect man? It's too hard to believe. Personally I like the hard-bodied bad boy who stands up for the heroine and becomes putty in her hands.

  2. Sing it, Sister! That's exactly my kind of man and my favorite hero to write about!!!