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Sunday, November 7, 2010

Still the one armed girl

 well, didn't get the test in. I got the dates wrong so I think it's this week that I find out exactly what's wrong with the right arm. So I'm still in whining mode. There are so many things I miss about having two good arms. However, I know people have it much worse than I do. I would never try to take away from those who've suffered a permanent loss of limbs. With me being me I can't help but throw a mini pity party.
On the upside, the reviews have been great for the last few books released. I'm thrilled to see them and read them but I love getting reader comments more. You hear how much you loved the characters, the hot hot sex scenes and the overall plot makes me do the one armed dance of joy.

I've got deadlines coming up and somehow I'll beg, borrow or bribe my way into getting a little help in the writing. We'll have to see how it goes, but I'll be sure to do any updates or any new news when I have it.

 until next week


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