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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Testing, testing

Augh! Long needle small arm joint... can we say pain, boys and girls? Oh yeah, I had an MRI and something else, not sure what. Everything blurred after the 'needle incident'. Holy Crackers, Batman, that was not a fun experience. I do not recommend it for children or people who dislike pain.
The above is a long drawn out way to say WHAAAAA I'm still sling-bound & I'm finally going to get the results of my very painful testing. My good news is I've ordered a program which, I hope, will enable me to write by speaking instead of typing. Not sure if it works or not, but at least it's something, There are deadlines a'comin and I'm not a one armed typer.
This car accident had completely derailed my life. I can't drive for long periods of time, I can't type for more than a few minutes. I'll skip the whole bra, washing my hair irritants. Man I do miss my right arm.
So that's it for now. My whining is done. I'll be back sometime next week to either dance the dance of joy or throw a pity party to end all parties.
Wish me luck,


PS: A huge huge huge thanks to Regina C, Nicole A, Cerise D, Samatha C & Desiree H for taking such good care of me at Romanticon. Love, love, love you ladies!!! Alliepoloosa 2011 here we come!!!!

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