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Sunday, November 7, 2010

Good news and yay me!!

For all of those asking....Poseidon's Fortune, the second book in the Poseidon series has been contracted!!!!!! WOOT!!!!! Yep, it's great to finally have it out of my hands and into the hands of my editor. Have no idea what the release date will be, but it's good to know it's finally in the line up!!

Also for those of you following my Club Botticelli series Beguiling Briley received a really nice review from Sensuous Read.  Thank you, Emily!! You made my night!!

Review: Beguiling Briley by Allie Standifer

"Beguiling Briley is a quick read as each page pulls the reader in more"
When Briley Evans’ computer breaks she ends up going to a computer repair shop her friend had recommended.  She meets Carter Moore who becomes tongue tied in her presence, far from Briley’s normal type she becomes intrigued by Carter.  Deciding to see where the attraction takes her Briley flirts with Carter who is equally as mesmerized until their evening takes an adventurous turn.
Beguiling Briley is a quick read as each page pulls the reader in more.  Briley is a confident woman who once she realizes what she wants is willing to take it, until it comes to love.   Carter is a terrific character, I thought the way he was written and the nervousness he shows to Briley was very endearing.

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