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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

New Blog, New Topic & Same old me

Either I've seen the light or just got tired of hearing friends tell me how old & tired MySpace is. So here I am with a new blog and a new look. This will change as I get better at playing with layouts, fonts and such. Give me enough time and who knows where I'll end up.

To play catch up for those of you not following me in ghetto land:

Club Botticelli series: The first book, Ordering Olivia, will be released sometime in August. Enticing Emma, the sequel, will follow a month or so later. Beguiling Briley is in the hands of my Total E-Bound Editor. I'll let you know what I know when I know it. Teasing Trinity is in baby steps right now. Only a page or two written, but so far she's already bleeding people with her sharp tongue.

The amazing Desiree Holt and I are one again teaming up to write together. This time we're tackling a family trilogy. Very hot, very steamy and very fun to write. If you haven't caught it before, our steamy V-Day offering, Seductive Illusions, is up for sale at Ellora's Cave. Our next release, Kidnapping The Groom, will be available on April 30. It's our take on female power and never piss a good woman off.

Right now I knee deep in my own project, Wishes, Kisses, & Corpses. Is it wrong to have so much fun torturing my characters?I mean really, the hero is all set to take it home & I throw in every obstacle I can think of. Just because it's fun...for me at least. I want to see how much torture a man can take before his head starts spinning and nasty pea soup spit out of his mouth.

Brenna Zinn and I are also have a very good time poking at the characters in our collaborated work. She'd never had a writing partner before...probably never will again after me! I love my work and I'm so good at it, too.

Hmmm, New Orleans was amazing. The perfect time of year to go when the humidity doesn't kill you just stepping outside. I bought too much junk for the kiddos, ate too many times at Cafe Dumond. I met great people, spent time with one of my favorite's, Desiree Holt and in general ran around like a fool. 

As I said before, to those of you who asked, Vegas is a blur. Can't remember a thing. Guess what happens there, really stays there, huh? 

So anyway, welcome to the new blog. Please stop calling me ghetto girl behind my back now that I've changed blogs. Comment away I can handle it  :)


  1. Welcome to the 20th Century!! :) Like the new blog. I'll have to remind you of all the things we did in Vegas. Hmmm...maybe I'll just use it to blackmail you.

  2. Use it to blackmail her, especially the things she did at the vodka bar. joking

  3. What do I need enemies for, I have good friends :)