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Monday, September 6, 2010

Bus vs Allie

Oh you know it, the bus won. Yes, I'm okay. Bus was turning so was I next thing I know half the front of my rental car was gone. Yikes! Then the delightful (ha ha) bus driver gets off the bus yelling at me. I told him I wasn't doing a screaming match. He shut up and went to call the police. Finally the cops showed up, very sweet lady cop asked me what happened I told her & I didn't get a ticket :) The driver's supervisor showed up, again a very nice person. He actually stayed with me until the tow driver pulled up with my new rental.
I have to say aside from a few select individuals everyone is Chicago has been amazing. They're good natured, friendly and very willing to answer questions or help out. If it weren't for the twelve feet of snow every year I'd love to live here.
As for what I doing with my writing career...nothing. I have plenty of plots, characters and fun things running around my head, but no time or energy to do it with. So this will be another short blog until I'm back home.
But keep your eyes out for new releases coming out in the next few months. For those of you who enjoyed Ordering Olivia, Enticing Emma then get ready for Beguiling Briley. The third book in my Club Botticelli series. Briley's in way over her head with a cute geeky computer genius named Carter. With the help ie meddling of her friends you won't believe what happens next.

Be sure to tell me what you think of Briley's story and watch out for the third book in my Erotic Escapes series, Snared in Siberia, coming soon for Ellora's Cave as well.
Until next week watch out for buses!

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