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Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mom's, Mother's, Mama's, & Mimis

It's that time of year again. When we celebrate all that is MOM! We buy gifts, take her to eat, shower her with flowers, cards and hopefully good chocolate. What we don't do is actually tell her how much she means to us & how grateful we are to have her in our lives. I'm not just writing about the female that shoved you out of her womb. There are all sorts of mothers out there that didn't give birth, but their amazing mothers anyway. Grandmothers, aunts, godmothers, sisters or even older friends can and do have a motherly influence on us.

As an adult I understand I hit the lottery jackpot with my mom. When I was a kid, however, whole different story, but then again it's it always?

I've got that rare mom who has supported me from day one, no matter my crazy dream or which direction life tossed me Mom was there to support me. She's propped me up when life threw me down, kicked my butt when I didn't want to make a choice, cried when I was to afraid to break down and loved me through every mistake, award, pitfall, bad review, first sale, loss of a friend, and the death of my fiance.

Most of all Mom never said "I told you so" when she had many chances to do so. Because my Mom is normally always right even when I hate.

Thanks to my Mom's example I learned how to be compassionate, caring, a lover of animals and a mostly decent human being. The faults I claim as my own because to be perfect would make life less interesting.
I've heard it said that you've developed you basic personality by the time you're three. I have no idea if this is true or not, but there must be something to it. My mother's love made me the person I am today.
Lessons My Mother Taught Me
My brother, my sister and myself, regardless of how we fight amongst ourselves, will race across a busy freeway to rescue an animal.
Welcome strangers and friends alike to our homes without a thought of what they can do for us.
We share our blessings, money, food or clothes, with our neighbors, friends and church family.
Every child is a miracle to be cherished and loved.
People are to be judged by their actions not the color of their skin or the diety they worship.
Money doesn't create happiness, but it can ease the burden of worry.
When you give your word it's a lasting promise. People with honor, even in this day and age, should act with honor.
Burdens shared lighten the load.
Open our hearts, homes and lives to anyone brought home without caring about background or external apearences.

My Mom is a truly amazing woman. She's lived through things that I could never imagine. She has more strength than any man, but never forgets she's a lady. Her heart is generous and open. Give her expensive chocolates, wine or presents and she's happy. Give her a plant and a little dirt Mom is ecstatic. (A gift I didn't inherit)

I never know how to say thank you for all the gifts she's given me. How do you say I'm grateful to the woman who has given you everything and asked for nothing in return? Everything I am, the person I want to be is tied directly to the way I was raised.

So thank you Mom for being a beautiful woman on the inside as well as out. For living a life I could emulate with pride. You continue to amaze me as you age with grace, beauty and wit.

You truly are a lady!


  1. Great post Allie. My mom and I have had a different relationship. She often critized me about my appearance when I was growing up. I never understood why and I still don't to this day. I grew up never feeling like a measured up to her standards. I often told her that she wanted a Barbie doll for a daughter and instead she got a tomboy with an opinion and a mouth to boot. She never said anything about school, boys, my job, just my appearance.

    Don't get me wrong, we love each other has a mother/daughter should, but the sting of all those years still hurts. She's totally backed off now that I'm married with a child and now she comes to me for advice.

    I had a very good, loving childhood and I pray every day that I'm giving that to my son.

  2. Well put, Allie. As someone who knows your Mom and has been welcomed into your home during hurricane evacs, long drives to San Antonio or for a fun weekend, I can say without a doubt your mom is one of the best ladies I know. Of course your mom and mine can never meet as our universe would implode....
    Happy Mother's Day!!!

  3. Harlie, I'm sorry you missed out on having a close relationship with your mother. Some families are those your born to, others are created. One of the great miracles in my life is that I have both.
    Just remember the fault lies with your mom not you. At least you stayed true to yourself and didn't waste your life pretending to be someone you're not. I very much admire that about you.
    And I can already tell you're giving your son a childhood filled with love. That make you an amazing mom in my opinion!

  4. Of course they can never meet. Two immovable forces would rock the planet. Yikes! Yeah, I'm thinking Ms. W is a pretty amazing lady. You lucked out there, Eve!!