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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Baby, it's cold outside!

This is my favorite time of year. When the temperature finally drops below 100 & we can pull out the thick sweaters, soft soft & cozy flannels. Granted I'm not looking my sexy Princess best, but even a royal castle can get cold. The guards are busy preparing for the first big cold front, gathering wood and playing keep a-way with Elece and her stealthy ninja ways.

Aside from the numerous benefits of cold weather, less sweat & stink from others :) A chill in the air makes me want to burrow down in front of my fireplace with hot coca and my laptop. Yep, Jack Frost puts me in a writing mood & I love it. My to-write list is piling up along with upcoming releases. Wow, where did the year go?

Also since we're talking about Frosty and nipping at noses, (just hush & follow along) I want to know your favorite winter fantasy. The naughty & nice ones. It can involve you, you & your main squeeze, or maybe even an extra guest star or two.

I'll go first :)

My favorite winter daydream is to be in the middle of nowhere in a fairytale cottage complete with flushy toilets, hot/cold water electricity, large fireplaces, and Internet connection. Hey, I'm still a princess & need my flushies!!
My little/large cottage would have a deck on back complete with fireplace, hot tub and outdoor living area. There would be floor to ceiling windows over looking the deck with a great view of the mountains. Inside there'd be a kitchen (someone has to cook, just not me) the living room with heated hardwood floors, a faux white bear rug and thick soft subtle leather furniture. With the lights turned off, the fire at our backs we'd (the guards & I) would watch the snow fall before they took turns giving me hot oil massages. It's good to be Princess!
I'm not sure why, but winter always makes me hibernate like a bear. I don't go anywhere unless I'm drastically needed or shiny objects are involved.

The point of this rambling blog? To make me feel better #1 & #2 to give you darlings an opportunity to share your chilly frisky snow-bound fantasies with me!

Let's get started!!


  1. Okay, so I've never understood putting the hot tub outside, on the deck, where you have to freeze your ass off on the way back inside. What's up with that?

  2. It's called skin stimulation. Makes your nerve endings dance among other things :)

  3. Cold makes things shrivel. If you're going for romantic, you don't want shrinkage! :D

  4. Then you need to be creative in getting things heated back up :)