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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Announcement & Henna Tattoos

Have you been waiting all week to find out my news? Yeah, I didn't think so. I'll tell you anyway since I'm doing the Snoopy dance moonwalk.

I've been asked to be a part of Three Wicked Writers plus Two. The ladies already there have a wonderful chatty loop going on, weekly blogs & are just a whole lot of fun. If you want to hang out with writers and readers sign up for the Three Wricked Writers group at yahoo & warn them that Allie sent you.
I think they have a special spot for all my friends. We'll probably be licking windows together on the short bus, but at least we'll be entertained.

This week is all about getting ready for LA. Packing, pedicure and promo items. If I can nail those three things my time in CA will groovy. The Bollywood party happens Wednesday night & I'm still on the hunt for the perfect sandals. Tuesday will be spent in Little India looking for that item. If I happen to come away with ten more thing that I don't need, but still want...ah such is life.

Someone told me I could find henna tattoos there as well. When I lived in Saudi my Arabic teacher brought me to a local market. There I learned the history, tradition and beauty behind the intricate artwork. Henna tattooing has been part of our female heritage since BC times. Even Egyptian Pharaohs were decorated with henna on their toenails & feet before being mummified. Statues of young women have been found, dating from all time periods, showing arms and hands decorated with these intricate designs.

Henna was regarded as having "Barakah," blessings, and was applied for luck as well as joy and beauty. Brides typically had the most henna, and the most complex patterns, to support their greatest joy, and wishes for luck. Some bridal traditions were very complex, such as those in Yemen, where the Jewish bridal henna process took four or five days to complete, with multiple applications and resist work. Women in these countries, are not allowed to work outside the home. However they are allowed to use their talents at henna artist. This is turning into a large and lucrative business for the females of these countries. It just go to show, where's there's a woman; there's a way :)

Flash forward to the present and you'll find more and more women turning to the henna version of the tattoo. Not only is a temporary tattoo, but there's a zero amount of pain involved. Sign me up! I'm all about the pleasure with no pain.If I get lucky I'll find someone trained and knowledgeable to appy the tattoo. Because I really hate to minimize the significance and tradition of henna tattooing. With every mark upon the skin women are placing their, hopes, dreams and prayers into their flesh, at least for a little while. To be that public, in places where woman are nothing but possessions, with your wants and desires seems like a brave thing to do, but that's just me.  

So if you see me at RT with henna tats on my hands & arms you know I lucked out and found a woman of talent and vision. If I don't have them then at least compliment my shoes. 'Cause it means I spend more time looking for the perfect sandal then my tattoo.



  1. Here's the million dollar question. Where would you put your henna tattoo??

  2. The tats go on your hands, arms & feet. Very sexy...