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Sunday, April 17, 2011

I'm dying of the frog virus

so this will be short. Yes, I know I missed last Sunday, but hey I was in LA recovering from a night at a BDSM club. I'm not as young as you used to be :) So in honor of still being alive I'm posting a deleted scene from Poseidon's Fortune here. Yep my editor made me take it out. Said it took away from the Bailey and Talos' story. My reply...HELLO it's Bastien, of course he takes center stage, that's who he is and what he does. Some people have no respect for the self-centered and egotistical. Poor poor Bastien....

Here it is in all it's un-edited glory. Yep, I'm being a tad of the sadistic side since you won't have a clue where or how this takes place. What can I say I like to tease....

LLet me know what you think because shortly I'll have both the cover & release date ready to drop into your greedy but loving hands :)

Poseidon't Fortune Deleted Scene

Blue and pink mist twined together and circled their bodies, erotic yet somehow innocent at the same time. A merging of one soul between two bodies so separate yet interconnected. The trust Clio showed in opening every private and personal part of her being, mind, heart, and soul.
The absolute conviction she had in Kryssin’s love and his in her made the men feel like an intruder. Bastien grabbed Talos’s arm and jerked them both out of the room.
“Hey, what was that for?” his older brother demanded, a stern frown creasing his usually stoic features.
Bastien shook his head not wanting to share his feelings with the other man. Getting mushy with the same brother that used to shove Bas’s head into a whale shark’s mouth for fun didn’t sound like the best idea.
“Thought they might need some privacy or whatever.”
Talos didn’t look convinced as he narrowed his eyes at Bastien. “You’re sure? ’Cause you’ve been acting different since he found Clio.”
Bas didn’t think so, but he didn’t want Talos going further with the line of questioning. He shrugged off the unusual sentiment, plastered a sardonic expression on his face, and turned around. “Hey, for all I know clothes were going to start flying off and the last thing my beautiful baby-blues need to see his Krys’s hairy white ass.”
“From personal knowledge I can assure you both his ass is neither hairy nor white. It’s nicely tanned, taut, and very bitable.” Clio shared that unwanted knowledge from the other room.
Both men heard Kryssin mutter something to his mate about over sharing, but Talos spoke before Bas could taunt the newly mated male.
“So do we have a place and a plan?” he asked and walked back into the room.
They found Krys with his arms wrapped tightly around Clio. Relaxed, sated smiles graced both their flushed faces and disheveled bodies. With his chin propped on top of his wife’s head Krys looked like a demi-god satisfied with everything in his world.
A pang of jealously shot through him before Bas locked down his emotions.
In a low, lazy voice, Kryssin answered the question. “We’ve got a place, a name, age, hair color, and Facebook page even.”
“What he means to say is that we know pretty much everything surface about her. The”—Clio waved her hands around—”vision, for lack of a better word, gave us everything we wanted and more. If we hurry we should be able to save her from the Scabers.”
“Hey, she’s doing a pretty good job of holding her own, I’d say,” Kryssin protested in a surprised voice.
“She is now, but how much longer will her strength hold up against an immortal demon that feeds off fear and blood?”
“Good point,” he said and released her. “However, my love, you are staying here where it’s safe.”
“Not a chance in your seven oceans, sex toy.” Clio flipped around, stroked her finger over his chest.
“Clio, baby, be reasonable. We don’t know what we’re going to find. I love you too much to put you in that kind of danger,” Kryssin explained to his wife.
As excuses went Bas thought it a winner until Clio gave another snort.
“Yeah, right, pull the other leg. We both know exactly what we’re going into. I saw it all with you, remember, honey?”
“Shouldn’t we go rescue the female first then you two can argue your way into bed again,” Talos asked in a bored tone.
“Absolutely,” came the dreamy feminine reply. “I love being on my honeymoon.”
“We noticed,” two bored voices chimed.
“There’s not much time left. If we’re going to go, let’s go instead of talking the thing to death.” Looking tired of the debate, Kryssin pushed forward.
“Should we tell Alexial?” Bastien asked.
“There’s no time,” Clio suddenly shouted and stomped her foot with urgent demand. “We need to go now. Something’s happening and she may not make it if we don’t go now.”
The words still hung in the air as Clio’s form misted into colored water then disappeared.
“Clio!” Kryssin’s roar shook the jewel-encrusted walls as his mate disappeared.


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