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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Desiree Holt is my um...prisoner!

Okay so she has a whip, gun, and set of chains, but a girl can dream, right? Brenna Zinn, the evil frog lover and kicker of puppies & old people, has stated I can't have more friend on facebook than her! HA! HA! I say 'cause you know I CAN kidnap everyone's fav erotica writer and blackmail people into friending me. Yes, I know it's not a good way to make friends & influence people, but come on Brenna LIKES frogs & got all snarky in my face. Not good on a Monday so I think with the combination of bribes, intimidation & kidnapping I should (hopefully) be able to win this thing by a landslide. Just to show I'm not all about the victory everyday I'll randomly, as in close my eyes & touch the screen, pick a winner for a free copy of one of my backlist books.

Friend me & Save Desiree Holt
Friend me & more people will like you
Friend me & help the environment
Friend me & I'll help spread erotica to all


  1. But...but where IS Desiree Holt? Tied to a bed somewhere? Chained to the bottom of a fireman's pole? Stranded on an island with a Navy SEAL team???

  2. Nice touch. So what DID you do with Desireee?

  3. You're so funny. And I am not cute and perky.

  4. I hope that you at least gave her a hot man to look at, maybe not to touch. You did tie her up! You are too much Allie! I've friended you, followed you, so what else do I need to do?

  5. Holy Toledo. So you've sunk to a new low, have you, Allie? Well two can play at that game. Tomorrow I'll have interesting dirt to dish about you and your wicked, wicked ways. Then everyone can decide just who they should friend on facebook. Is this hand shaking??

  6. P.S. lovin' the new backdrop to your blog. Totally you and matches your Allie icon.

    Wait. I mean I hate your new backdrop and your little dog Toto, too!!!

  7. *blowing raspberry* at Brenna!! Hoochie, you and you'll little dog will never foil my evil & heavy liquored plans!! Desiree Holt is just the first of many erotic authors I plan to steal.
    Um and no I can't say where she she. It's a secret, but I really don't think she's trying to hard to get free. Something about naked men covered in bubblegum vodka & whipped cream. Who knew she was such a tramp?

  8. I met you last week at the Holt chat. You must have drug her over to it blindfolded since you have her in your clutches. I friended you instantly, cuz dammit you were great fun!! Good luck with the battle of the FB friends.