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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Just Saying...a word from the fab Cassandra McGuire

First I would like to thank Allie for this experience. I am not a writer, more of a reader and talker. I met Allie on FB stalking her because of her series BGirls, then met her and the Ladies of Sassy Seven at Romanticon. You can't help but to instantly fall head over cowgirl hat for each and everyone-so different but blend just right. I read my first romance book at the age of 16 and no, sorry, I don't remember the name of the book, nor the author but I do remember the book pissed me off. I ended up throwing it across the room in Algebra almost hitting the teacher. Needless to say that made me want to read more. I started reading because I wasn't interested in boys yet and I had those lovely things called breasts, a size 36-dd, kinda insecure of myself with people always staring because of those puppies who had their own zip code - they always got there before the rest of me did Let me tell y'all the first sex scenes that I read were oral sex scenes, I really didn't know what to think, grossed out and also kinda amazed that fingers, tongues and yes even a penis would even go those certain places. I enjoy reading paranormal, shifter, BDSM, contemporary and historical. There's a variety so all my grounds are covered. Paranormal for the fix when you want that nibble on the neck, J.R. Ward or Lora Leigh are great examples. And for the shifter for the Alpha male- I like Shelly Laurentson or Eve Langlais. And oh my BDsM anything dominated - I go for Cherise Sinclaire, Eliza Gayle, Desiree Holt and Kallypso Masters. They are all too great to read just once. Contemporary I read Allie Standifer and Sydney Landon and I am finding new authors all the time. Historial I adore Stephanie Laurens' the Cynsters Series. Still to this day I collect both on paperback and my NookColor aka nookie. Each of those authors brings something different to each character, not just the story at hand. And if you're an avid reader you know the difference and when characters mesh well and I can tell also after reading a few pages if I'm going to like a book. I don't care for too sappy of a female always crying or a book that has nothing but sex in it. That's not a book; it's porn to me. I like Alpha roles in a book, not so much, ‘I man, you woman spread em', - just the ones that know what they want, go after it, and treat each other with respect. Yeah, I know there are bumps along the way but hey- that's why it's a fantasy and I can cuss the book and the author at the time. I enjoy reading because it helps me escape reality for an hour or two. Being a single mama of three teenage kids-twin boys seventeen years old and one has Down Syndrome and a sixteen year old girl. I know, I know- feel my pain with the sixteen-year-old girl and she also has a Nook Color, so that means that she can also have access to any yes any of my books. She asked me one day what a ménage was in front of one of the doctors I work for. Want to talk about embarrassed? The doctor was, let me tell you. She tends to ask me before she reads my books now. I hope y'all at least find an author that you enjoy reading something. Remember word of mouth travels far and I am always pimping out my favorites at work-to friends-actually even my kids teachers. So y'all take a break from the TV and take a little time for yourself and hey who knows you may be tied up in Shadowlands or on a Cyborgship with Sky. Cassandra


  1. What a fun read, Cassie! Nice to get to know you a little better. I still remember a couple months before I even had my first book out, you were pimping me to the patients in your office. I asked you "How on earth did my books come up in a conversation in a doctor's office?" (This was 9-10 months before Fifty Shades made talking about erotic romance acceptable in public--well, acceptable to us more reticent readers, anyway. LOL) You told me, "Well, they asked to see my Nookie and that's the only kinds of books I have on there." Then you told them to watch for my books because you had faith in me even before *I* did.

    Thanks also for that lovely FB chat that gave me an idea for a future scene. I've started to set it up, but guess it won't happen until Nobody's Dream now. But you know me--I drop little tidbits in a book and it doesn't make any impression or sense for several more books. That's what makes those re-reads of the Rescue Me series so much fun for you all, I think.

    Looking forward to hanging out in Texas in February!


  2. Awesome, Cass! Love reading what you wrote since it sounds exactly like you. Smooches & big thanks for doing an amazing blog!

  3. Great blog, C! You sure are quite the expert at throwing books that upset you. At least the first time it only startled the teacher and kids in class. The last time you pulled that stunt you made all the bells and whistles on the hospital machines (after your appendectomy)go off and scared the medical personnel. So yes we get the impression that you really get into a book so please authors, don't write anything that will aggravate Cassandra. She doesn't hesitate to throw first and ask questions later.

    So glad you liked my recommendation to read Allie's Botticelli Girls series and joined me as an Allie Standifer fan girl.

  4. Cass, excellent blog. You should do more. Cannot wait to see you in February. We are going to have such a fabulous time. I'm already finding outfits to wear. I'm also trying out some drink recipes. Looking for the perfect brew for a Zinntini. Oh, maybe I'll make a bunch in our hotel room and have the NSO participants vote on which one I'll use. Excellent.