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Thursday, November 29, 2012

The Shiny Kingdom's Ninja Takes Over

So how does one get turned onto erotic romance books? That was turned onto, not turned on by (wink). Sadly for me, such discovery came late in life, and by the launch of the first iPhone. Need to escape from reality? Need some spice in your sex life? Apple wasn't lying with their "there's an app for that" motto! With the Kindle app just downloaded and the help of Lora Leigh's Forbidden Pleasures, I was propelled, more like sucked into my first erotic romance book. I've never been one to think of myself as naive. Demure would never be a word I'd use to describe myself. But with every word my eyes saw and my mind processed...let's just say both widened. I'll admit, I blushed. At one point I even blurted out, "WTF!" It wasn't the actual content of the book that had caught me off guard as much as it was the fact those words were in print. Apparently I was naive, though I could've cared less because in that moment, or hours of reading was I was in heaven. Not only had I found something ├╝ber fantastic to submerge myself in to get away from reality, but I also found another creative outlet. Writing. From there I took off in a full on sprint. First I wrote a book solely for myself, then proceeded to try my hand at writing and submitting one to a publisher. That book died a quick death. I was determined to try again, but alas life got in the way a bit, and I've been on hiatus since. I've always had respect for authors, and now after having attempted the sort, my respect and admiration has grown exponentially. At least for the authors whose writing I can respect. Like any profession, there's always The Good, The Bad, and The Fugly! Nothing pisses me off more than a book so wretched that it makes me involuntarily throw my phone against the nearest wall. That only pisses me off more since my phone is my life, then I just can't bring myself to read that author again. There are many fantabulous authors. Of course I have my personal favorites. And those fine women know who they are. If any ladies out there need a helpful hint...start with the one and only, Allie Standifer, and The Sassy Seven!!!
~ elece ~


  1. Excellent blog, Ninja! But don't give up on the writing. You can't imagine the stories under some authors' beds that will never see the light of day - for good reason. Try again!!

  2. Oh, I have so done that but it was my Nook that hit the wall so hard the case cracked. Great blog, little Ninja! I agree with Brenna, don't give up!

  3. Thank you Brenna and Nic! It's been over a year since I attempted writing again, and I miss it. The holidays keep me too busy making ladies purdy, but after New Year's I am going to settle down and refocus on my writing. That is of course dependent on how my son and I's lil "invention" goes. Lol! And Nic...I'm glad it was just the case that broke. Can't have the nookie hurt and outta commission!

    Thank you again for the support and encouragement ladies! Xoxo!!

  4. Elece, you keep trying or no more guard time for you! Also I can set Margie to harass setting once a week. You write or she comes after you pumped up on pixie sticks, expresso and shock therapy. To ensure she's nice & rabid I'll take away all her reading material for a two weeks. She'll be ready to gnaw your eg off to get you to write :)

    Lubs ya hon & I can't wait to see you published!