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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Welcome to Shiny Kingdom's Greediest Cuddler, Lady Margie!

OK! I admit it! I do deserve a smack “upside the head” for sure! I walked away from reading romance novels back in the 70’s. As a teenager I devoured books by Victoria Holt and Phyllis A. Whitney who wrote those virgin heroines being rescued by the arrogant, brooding Lord of the Castle type heroes in Gothic romance. I moved on, as a young adult in college, to the best-selling “bodice rippers” of Kathleen Woodiwiss (The Flame and the Flower, The Wolf and the Dove) and Rosemary Rogers (Sweet Savage Love) which encompassed more intimate and sexy love scenes, as well as kidnapping and (dare I say it?) rape scenes. **swoon**. Very daring for 1972. I loved those books! So why did I stop reading romance novels at this point? Good question. I don’t have an answer. Maybe my Nancy Drew obsession from elementary school age took over my mind. In any event it was mysteries, fantasy-science fiction and action thrillers for me until a few years ago. Then I saw the light! Thank goodness! Rescued by erotica, BDSM and ménage a trois, romantic suspense, contemporary and paranormal romance! Wait a minute here. I still get my mystery and action thriller fix from romantic suspense stories and my fantasy fix from the paranormal romance genre. But I have also “spiced” things up a bit in my old age by adding erotica, BDSM and ménage stories to the mix. Yay me! I am now really “living the good life” with this assortment from my past to the present. And I have authors Jean Johnson and Robin D. Owens to thank for my romance transformation. Johnson’s Sons of Destiny series and Owen’s Celta series, fantasy love stories, opened my eyes once again to pure romance. Now. Hello Sassy Seven authors(Love so many of their books, although Desiree Holt’s Phoenix Agency series and Allie’s Botticelli Girls are my favorites), Kallypso Masters (Rescue Me series), Cherise Sinclair (Masters of the Shadowlands), Shayla Black(my introduction to BDSM in her first Wicked Lovers series book, Wicked Ties (I love you Jack Cole! You can tie me up anytime!), Sophie Oak (Nights in Bliss), Maya Banks (Sweet series), Lorelei James (Rough Riders) and AB McKinley (Kilted Desire series). Pooh! The list goes on and on. Too many “auto-buy” authors to mention here. What makes all these favorite authors stand out for me is their consistent release of stories with smokin’ hot heroes and sexy heroines. I know I’ve got a great read going when I get so involved with the characters that I don’t want to see the story end. But the story does end and as long as the ending is a HEA then I can let go. But thank goodness they always leave me begging for more. Write faster ladies and Scottish gent. Write faster. In the meantime, while I am waiting to read more hot and sexy books from my favorite authors, I want to thank Princess Allie for providing such wonderful “waiting for the next book” distractions in the form of her Royal Guards. I have the privilege of “cuddling” those hot sexy hunks whenever I want to. And who wouldn’t want to? Catch ya later! The Royal Guards just offered to read me a “bedtime” story. Time to “cuddle.”


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